2012 season- What have we learned?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by funkytown, Nov 27, 2012.

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    11 games into the 2012 season and the Cowboys are 5-6. Unless this teams wins out, most likely making the playoffs is not an option. Anything is possible and i'm holding out hope until we are eliminated. But i'm also looking to the future.

    Regardless of what happens from here on out, at this point what have we learned about the Dallas Cowboys this year? What do we have to look forward to with the future?

    My opinion is that we really havent learned much this season. Because of injuries and because of some pretty weak drafting outside the first 3 rounds this team is still in the same boat as a year ago. An 8-8 team. Average team. The offensive line is still bad. Doug Free is not good. Defensive line has no playmakers. Safeties are still bad. Our injury prone players are still injury prone (Miles, Lee, Carter, Demarco, Jenkins, Costa). Special teams are still shady at times. Still dont have a kickoff return guy. The overall depth is still bad (hence having to find so many players off the streets). Our head coach has still not taken the next step. But there a few areas that we can look forward to in the future.

    Areas of improvement:

    1) Dez Bryant- Dez is an absolute monster when he has head in the game. He is capable of taking over a game and making the outstanding plays. I think he will continue to take that next step as the year goes on and place himself among the elite in the league for many years to come. He maturity issues will slowly fade. I hope.

    2) Inside Linebackers- Wow do we have a combo if they can stay healthy. Its a big if, but Lee and Carter are the real deal. Bruce Carter showed what he can do by flying all over the field and also delivering the big hits. Sean Lee is Sean Lee. Natural Leader. Football Player. Love those two.

    3) Anthony Spencer- He has came to play this year. Actually providing pressure from the opposite side of Ware. Spencer makes plays in the backfield in the run and pass game. Only question is do we resign him? And for how much.

    4) Dwayne Harris- Harris has shown he has a place here. Punt return guy and can also help in the receiving game. Will never be a star but he has a role here.

    5) Tyron Smith- Really Tyron Smith? Yes Tyron Smith is a beast. He will solidify the Left Tackle position for a long time. Remember he is still only 21 years old and has improved as the season has went on. We are looking at an absolute stud.

    6) Cornerbacks- Carr and Claiborne have had their ups and downs but I think its safe to say we have a good duo for a few years to come. Claiborne is a rookie, and most if not all rookie CB's struggle. I really dont think he is an elite guy like Deion, Revis, Woodson but he will be a player. Brandon Carr may not be worth 50 million but thats the price for decent corners. And thats what he is, decent. Which is better than what we had before. Jenkins is gone. Scandrick is trash.

    7) Dan Bailey- Stud kicker. Leg is not strong bu
  2. funkytown

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    Dont know what happened to the rest of the thread...looks like it got cut out.
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    I have learned:

    1. With change, everything stays the same
    2. This team seems satisfied with mediocrity, with a few exceptions
    3. Offensive/defensive lines need overhauling (only keep Smith and maybe
    Costa if a better center isn't out there via FA
    4. We still need two quality safeties not counting Church
    5. Injuries continue to mount up at key positions
    6. The WR core is questionable, at least Dez seems to be coming around
    while Miles is retreating South for the winter
    7. This team needs a head coach with skins on the wall and more authority
    8. Ryan still puts his foot in his mouth, but he is working wonders with
    a depleted and turnstyle defense
    9. Other fans still hate the Cowboys, so we haven't become irrelevant yet
    10. I still love this team
  4. Prossman

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    1)We need to invest high pick and free agency in our offensive line. We simply can't run the ball with any consistancy, and our pass blocking is average at best.
    2) Garrett is in over his head as playcaller and HC
    3) Garretts playbook is designed poorly and defenses have figured it out and beat it easily
    4) Dez is the clear number one wr and coming into his own bigtime
    5) Bruce Carter is the real deal and the future is bright with Lee/Carter in the future
  5. ufcrules1

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    Wow.. pretty spot on. Except I don't think Rob Ryan is working wonders. I think he is over rated.
  6. TheCount

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    I take issue with #6. The WR core looks very good, and while Miles seems to always be hurt and may not be worth what he's getting paid, when he's used correctly - he's still very effective (assuming, again, that he's on the field).

    The young guys look very good, it's a shame Garrett didn't go to them sooner. There's no reason it should have taken this long to get Beasley and Harris on the field. Ogletree has been ineffective all year except for the opener and Holmes was active for absolutely no reason.
  7. WPBCowboysFan

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    We have learned the same thing we learned last year, and the year before, and the year before that . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :bang2:
  8. Howardlittleton64

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    We are a poorly run franchise.
  9. Zimmy Lives

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    I have learned that you do not win with playmakers at the skill positions if you do not have talent in the trenches. Bring on the linemen, Jerruh!
  10. DenCWBY

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    And here lies the real problem. It runs from the top down.
  11. Reverend Conehead

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    I've learned that we're a poorly disciplined team and lose games via stupid mistakes.

    ............. Why am I making the same post I made in about 1999?
  12. visionary

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    the biggest (and most frustrating) thing i learned this season is that jason is not even close to being ready to be a HC in the NFL

    when u have an idiot GM, you need a strong HC who can make up for the poor GM

    garrett cant even get out of his own way

    this combination is the biggest reason we are where we are
  13. anj113

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    You use the word 'beast" way too much..neither one of those players are 'beasts'
  14. anj113

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    As an organization w ecannot rely on Austin ( but im sure we will ) the guy is never on the field and since the deal has not been the same player.... But no worries he will be on the team for life taking up precious cap space.
  15. anj113

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  16. burmafrd

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    what I have learned is that so far this supposed change of culture is not apparent and certainly is not showing up on the field
  17. Hook'em#11

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    Spot on. Partially agree with the Ryan take. The part where he puts his foot in his mouth.
  18. godeep

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    I've learned that Dez & Miles > Julio Jones & Roddy White, by a landslide.
  19. anj113

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    yeah that was funny... people just dont get it
  20. KB1122

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    The hard part with this team is figuring out where the weaknesses really are, other than offensive line. Even there, at this point, next year you could have Parnell-Livings-Costa-new guy-Smith. Is it better? Is that good enough? Do we need more?

    On defense, it seems like we have too many guys who you can get by with. So which ones go?

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