2012 Supplemental draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Josh Gordon, WR, Baylor/Utah
    A former Top 70 receiver recruit out of high school, Gordon is a 6'4 long, very fast, and explosive talent that only scratched the surface of his ceiling while at Baylor. After putting together a 700+ yard receiving season (and showing some explosiveness in the occasional kick return), Gordon was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession. Facing possible suspension, he transferred to Utah and sat out last season thanks to transfer rules.

    As to what his NFL value is, it's tough to quite say. However, he seems like a lock to at least have a few bids. With his size (6'4, 220 last reported by Baylor), speed, explosion, and raw talent, he probably close to an equal prospect to Greg Little of North Carolina or Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech in the past two drafts. Draft Round: 3rd-4th Round

    Ed Wesley, RB, TCU
    A 5'9, 200 pound experienced running back,

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    Armstrong and Rambo sound intriguing
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    Ahh man how high do you draft Armstrong?
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    i recall a few years back how the Brent pick was a complete and total surprise.

    Doubt we use a pick but i wouldn't be shocked if we take a look at the RB from TCU after
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    Take both of them and the big tackle.
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    neither player is eligible for the supplemental.

    Rambo is returning to UGA, and not sure about Ray Ray.

    Both will go first 2 rnds next draft
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    Gordon has the type of tools to take a chance on. How many 6-4, 225 lb. wide receivers with sub 4.4 speed are out there? Sounds a lot like Dez. Immature, but with superior talent. I say take a flyer on him in the 3rd rd. It's not like the Cowboys have set the world on fire with their draft picks lately.

    Heaven knows they need another quality WR, & this guy would be the 3rd most talented WR on the team the moment he walks onto the field. Imagine, by mid-season: Dez on one end, Gordon on the other, & Austin in the slot. Sounds like a monumental improvement over what we currently have. We would go from mediocre depth to a daunting starting three.

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