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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kingsham, Nov 13, 2012.

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    As a student at UK, I watch alot of SEC football...alot of really good teams and players. I also happen to watch a little bit of Big 12 football as well. We know our Cowboys have some holes that need to be filled through free agency and the draft.

    With the holes we have, what direction would you like to see the boys go in the draft?

    We need some work done on our offensive line. I think in a late round, or possible through free agency the boys could pick up a pretty solid guy from UK Larry Warford. He was a pre-season all-sec pick, although the team success does not reflect that, due to a million injuries.
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    See: Draft Zone.
  3. Woods

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    Give me in the Draft,

    1. A player who can get to the QB, whether a DL or LB - Round 1
    2. A quality interior OL - Round 2

    3. A CB for depth
    4. Another RB for depth
    5. 1 more Safety to throw into the mix

    And in FA, a decent number 3 WR to replace Ogletree, re-sign Spencer, 1 quality DL to replace Coleman and Spears, and 1 more quality OL.
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    Thanks, something told me I should have looked before I posted.
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    I go to Arkansas, they really haven't performed this year. I'd love for us to draft Tyler Wilson in the 2nd though.
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    Go Big Blue!
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    I'm impressed with Warford. He is very strong with decent quickness. He would probably be even better if he lost a few pounds.
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    That's a lot of money in FA.

    #3 WR is either Beasley or Coale
    DL: Hatcher/Lissmore/Crawford/Ratliff/Brent and a draft pick
    Spencer will want too much money so he will walk. Don't think we can franchise him again.

    I think FA we will only go after maybe a guard...maybe.

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