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    I'm a firm believer that it takes at least 2-4 years to evaluate a draft, but week 1 has me football drunk. After training camp and one regular season game we have already seen some developments with the 2013 class. Just wanted to go back and evaluate the Cowboys picks, and see what people think now. I know its extremely early, and this will change a ton from week to week. Season to season. But still something fun to look at for now.

    RD1 # 31 Travis Frederick
    Loved the pick then and love it now. Traded down from 18, and left some good players on the board. Everyone is looking back now and saying we should have taken Shariff Floyd, especially with the lack of depth on the DLine. The 49ers took Eric Reid with our pick at #18 and after week 1 i'm wondering if years down the line we will be comparing our team with Reid vs. Frederick instead of Floyd vs. Fredrick. Reid looked good at safety for the 49ers week 1. At this point i'd still take Frederick.

    RD2 #45 Gavin Escobar
    This is the head scratcher of the draft for me. I was confused when we took him, and i'm still not sure why. Escobar was rated as a 2nd round pick but hasnt shown anything special. His lack of blocking skills has been well documented, but his lack of speed is also a concern. It was a suprise pick because Escobar seemed to have similiar skills to James Hanna, and has yet to wrestle away a starting spot from him. With the team going away from a traditional fullback, and switching to 12 personnel, makes you wonder why they took Escobar. The team was obviously looking for a Running Back, and 4 of them were taken after Escobar in Round 2. LeVeon Bell, Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy, and Christine Michael. With the lack of depth on the D-Line Margus Hunt was right there for the taking and was picked by the Bengals a few picks after Escobar. He probably would have started week 1. He is a project, and is already 26 but time will tell if he was the right pick. I was screaming for Eddie Lacy with this pick then, and would still take him at 45.

    RD3 #74 Terrance Williams
    People are ready to run poor Terrance out of town already. A shaky pre season/ training camp to go along with his running the wrong route week 1 has caused folks to question this pick. Not to mention his "drops" problem. But it takes time to evaluate rookie receivers, they simply need time to learn the game. TWill lead the nation in receiving, and has talent. He was taken with the extra pick we got for trading down with the 49ers. He was a great value pick at 74, that some were hyping as a late 1st rounder. He will develop into that #3 guy in due time. It will be interesting to watch the careers of Keenan Allen, Markus Wheaton, and Marquise Goodwin. All 3 were taken immediately after Williams. TWill would still be the pick.

    RD3 #80 J.J. Wilcox
    Missed some time in training camp due to the loss of his mother. Really feel for the kid, and its terrible what he is going through to start his career. He has to get a pass for this. Has looked really raw so far, but can help on special teams right now. The hope is that he takes over as a starter at safety next year. I'm sure that was the plan all along. The problem with this pick is that Damontre Moore went to the Giants with the next pick. Moore would fill a huge need at DE with Spencer injured. He would also provide some hope for the future with an aging Defensive Line. A couple of Defensive Tackles were also taken after Wilcox that would look good on this team (Jordan Hill and Akeem Spence). Nick Hayden is a starting defensive tackle for this team. He's looked good so far, but what can we really expect out of him. Should have taken Damontre Moore.

    RD4 #114 B.W. Webb.
    Webb looked pretty bad in preseason and training camp, and has taken alot of heat so far. Another small school project that will need time to develop. Way to early to judge him at this point. This team needs some depth in the secondary and hopefully he can be a decent slot corner in the future. So far no one else drafted this round has really stood out. WR Quinton Patton was drafted later in the round, and has been getting good reviews from the 49ers. Guard Earl Watford was picked 2 spots after Webb by the Cardinals. With the depth of this line, even with Waters, i'd have to take a flyer on Watford. He has to be better than David Arkin right?

    RD5 #151 Joseph Randle
    The Boys were looking for a RB, and found good value in the 5th round with Randle. He really didnt stand out in camp, and is 4th string right now. His selection is similar to that of Escobar, in which he really doesnt have any special skills that stand out. He was highly productive in college, so hopefully he will find a spot here as a #2 back. You can never have enough decent running backs. I would have taken Eddie Lacy in round 2 and not looked back. This would have been a good spot to draft that 3rd Tight End. They were interested in trading back into the 7th for TE D.C. Jefferson, but were unable to grab him. Jefferson in the 7th at #219. OT David Quesenberry is injured for Texans but was having a good camp. Safety Bacarri Rambo was taken in the 6th by Redskins and is a starter.

    RD6 # 185 DeVonte Holloman
    Well what more can you ask from a 6th rounder. He makes plays everytime he's on the field. Nice fumble recovery in week 1. Good special teams player, and should take over the 3rd linebacker spot at some point. Excellent pick at this point in the 6th. I think Holloman would have been a decent pick in Round 5.

    This would be my redraft:

    RD 1: Travis Frederick
    RD 2: Eddie Lacy
    RD 3: Terrance Williams
    RD 3: Damontre Moore
    RD 4: Earl Watford
    RD 5: DeVonte Holloman
    RD 6: Bacarri Rambo
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    While it is hard to argue the need for fred, i have a hard time believing the patch job on the DL holds up all season.
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    The DLine is a patch job indeed. Gotta hope Spencer comes back soon, and Ratliff.

    You have to give them credit for finding guys like Selvie, Hayden, Cohen. Ready to see what Rayford can do also.
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    RD 2: Eddie Lacy

    yup can't believe they passed him up

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