2013 first round could be a historical stinker

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dirt, Apr 30, 2013.

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    now that the draft is over and we have had a chance to look at our shiny new toys I am trying to get a more critical view of especially the first round in comparison to the past 5 or so drafts
    this first round could be one of the worst ever when reviewed 5 years from now
    Typically a draft is judged by its skill postions (rightly or wrongly) and their impact
    2013....QB's could be epically putrid, especially given where they ended up. The highest ranked, Gino Smith goes to the Jets and that circus
    Matt Barkley in Philly along with 4 other potential candidates
    EJ Manuel in Buffalo, where college players go to disappear
    RB's...the career length of big slowish upright runners is pretty short in the NFL unless you have the feet of Jerome Bettis. Lacy and Bell might last couple years. Bernard is a china doll

    Wr's...alot of drama with the whole group. And the highest drafted is about the size of a nine year old. Sure you cant hit what you cant catch with Austin but all it takes is catching him once and DL here he comes

    Guards as 2 top 10 picks! That says it all

    Defensive End/OLB..have you ever seen such a hyped group with limited production. If you watch a lot of college ball, can you think back to when Mingo or Jordan actually made a play? Sure they looked real good but sheesh, sack somebody at least 8-10 times. Oh yeah the guy that did that fell to the Steelers and will probably turn out to be the best of them provided his NECK stays in one piece
    Ziggy Ansah????5th overall???4.5 sacks and only started playing football 2 years ago!!!!really!

    Defensive Tackle.....Richardson, who made plays, goes to the Jets who run a 3-4 and already have a boatload of DT's/NT's. Can he play 5 technique? I have my doubts
    Star might be the only Star

    Safety....does Vaccaro remind you of Troy Palomalo????(sp) Troy made plays man! I had a hard time noticing Vaccaro on the field for Texas..but maybe that was because the team was tough to watch
    Reid, Elam?????meh! Elam is 5 ft 9 and Bob Sanders he aint

    surely there are some cornerbacks that would be worthy in any other year?
    ok one had heart surgery after almost dying on the football field and now he is going to play with grown men with serious intent?
    Millner has a rod in his leg..maybe not a problem but he got drafted by the Jets and will be forever compared to Revis Island....good luck kid

    which leaves us the offensive tackles..now they dont look bad although the number one pick overall was 240 lbs 4 years ago and comes from a MAC school

    Soooo what I am getting at is maybe Frederick doesnt look half bad..?
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    Good post.
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    We'll see. Fun to talk about the draft but hard to take some of it seriously yet.
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    this draft is missing a lot of "can't miss" guys, and that's why it could be a very good draft class or a bust class (overall)...I am satisfied with our new players...if Freredick can start and stay healthy, that was step 1 for this team. If they can employ the 2-TE set (finally),then check!

    Time will tell with this group

    I like to think that the majority of the 2012 class is like rookies this year since many of them didn't even play. so, it will be like we have 12 rookies (7 this year + 5 from last year that didn't play or played very little) or so when camp opens....
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    next years doesn't look great either. You've got Javedon Clowney at DE and a bunch of prospects comparable to the guys who were just drafted. Teddy Bridgewater can somewhat change that, but I'm not 100% convinced he won't be the next overhyped QB to disappoint before entering the draft.
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    The first round might have produced 15 guys who could be 10 year starters in the league. It wasn't flashy, but it could be a real productive one.

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