2013 Nba Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by MC KAos, Jun 22, 2013.

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    You do not remove a player at the end of his contract. You have to give notice to the league that you are renouncing that players rights. Contract being over is meaningless for cap purposes.

    The Lakers can renounce those guys rights as you suggest to create cap space but what exactly do they gain in that scenario?
    They would be absolutely crazy to think they can cobble together a good team purely out of the 2014 FA class.
    The reality is the elite players aren't leaving. They are universally on good teams in mega cities. NY.MIA.CHI

    The 2014 FA Class will probably end up miserable. Bosh and Wade are NOT opting out. LeBron 'might' but the Lakers would never be in the conversation for him considering they'd have no roster.
    That's as real as it gets.

    The Lakers will basically be in ATL mode in your scenario. Cap space minus a team anyone wants to play for.

    And the Clippers are over the cap again and still signing guys to sweetheart deals because that is the team in LA guys want to play for nowadays.

    Homie is a west coast thing. Not a 17 year old thing. Thus the LAL tie in.

    I love talking NBA because guys actually do move around. But the Lakers takes are completely nonsense thus far. I've yet to hear a single reasonable, realistic Lakers take.

    Chris Kaman is flat awful. He averaged 10 points and under 6 rebounds. He is truly disastrous as a defender. Pau Gasol is a far better center then Chris Kaman. Better on offense/defense and the boards.
    There is a reason Kaman signed for chump change. Dallas wouldn't have brought him back for even the minimum. Carlisle hated that dudes game.

    If you want to live in dreamland where all is well for the Lakers there are Lakers boards for doing just that but this board is mixed amongst fan bases and people are going to tell you the truth.
    10 months ago the Lakers were all but guaranteed a 2 seed at least according to their fan base. And pretty much every day since until DH announced his decision the Lakernation was certain he was staying in LA.
    But the scary thing for Lakers fan is "he left for basketball reasons".
    Weak run and gun coach, overpaid veterans around a roster in shambles.
    Long-time respected owner passed away and left squabbling kids.

    The Lakers first task is going to be facing reality.
    Make the tough decision to either sell out for cap space or start to build assets this year.
    Because trades for Gasol/Nash aren't likely to come easily.
    Teams HAVE to be at 90% of the cap this year to start the season. So they can't be more than 6m below the cap.
    Outside a big trade exception there's really no way to just offload players at the deadline for picks.
    It will require taking back players.
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    The Lakers are in a real world of hurt right now......I know the Spurs future looks gloomy in the coming few years, but at least we are still contending for titles with our old guys. Kobe is coming off major surgery, nash is nothing like he once was, gasol is not a good defender, kaman sucks, no artest......

    of course kup was able to get the lakers from bad to championship in just 2 years, but Kobe was younger and they had assets worth trading.....and honestly, i am skeptical of the kids running the show with the greatness that their dad did.
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    the spurs issue will be when duncan and pop retire. until then they'll be fine.
    pop is probably the best coach in basketball and duncan is the league's best contractual value.
    parker is a top 5 PG.
    that's not going to win it every year but it keeps them competitive and ready to strike like last year when okc suffered the west brook loss.
    any team in the league would take that yearly.

    i've kicked the lakers enough so i'll let it go. just glad to see at least a few folks are starting to acknowledge what to me has seemed obvious for a while now.
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    Mavs also signed Harris to a low end deal, are close to signing Dejuan Blair for bench help, and are still one of 6 teams in the running for Oden.

    Keep working it
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    they are out on oden and sit at 15 players now.
    really good overall off-season after the dh stiff arm.

    PG: Calderon, Harris, Larkin, Mekel
    SG: Ellis, Ellington, Ledo
    SF: Matrix, VC, Crowder
    PF: Dirk, Blair
    C: Dalembert, Wright, Sarge

    Inactives: Larkin(injury), Ledo(D-League) then either Harris (injury) or Crowder/Sarge.

    They COULD bring Monta off bench as super 6th man role a la JET. Very comparable player to a young JET actually.
    That's about a 6 seed IMHO. Not elite but a definite playoff team with everyone just doing their job.
    If Ellis is all a sudden efficient offensively (and JET's efficiency jumped tremendously when paired with Dirk) then that team could win a playoff series.
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    I'm not trying to dog Dallas, but the West is so tough that you can't look at that team and say they are definitely even a playoff team. They could be anywhere from 6 to 10 with that squad. Consider locks to be, in no order: OKC, San Antonio, Houston, Golden State, LAC & Memphis. That leaves two spots for the Lakers, Mavs & Nuggets. But, the Jazz also got within a game or two of the playoffs last year, so they have to be considered a threat. The Pelicans added Jrue Holliday and Tyreke Evans to Anthony Davis and at least look to be a strong young squad. Maybe not PO threat, but knocking at the door. So, essentially about 5 teams jockeying for two spots. And you have to think the Lakers have one of them if Kobe is at all healthy.

    It's just a dogfight to even get in the playoffs, and I don't know if Dallas's roster did anything to put them in the mix.
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    I am looking at that roster and telling you just that.
    I could be wrong but unless Dirk misses 30 games again I don't think so.
    That team is actually very talented.
    Dallas was a 5 seed in record last year in games that Dirk actually played.
    People (even so calledf experts) seem to forget that.
    They replaced Collison with Calderon. ridiculous upgrade.
    They replaced Mayo with Ellis. upgrade.
    Kaman with Dalembert. bad for pretty bad but at least a pretty bad that plays defense and rebounds.
    Brand with Blair (downgrade there but also not at a starter spot).

    Houston added DH and essentially no one else and yet they magically get 20 games better but Dallas improves at PG/C/SG and stay the same?

    The WC actually got softer after Free Agency imo.
    And 4 teams are in full out tank mode, perhaps to be joined by 1 or 2 more.

    Dallas has more offensive talent than it has had since Nellie-ball.
    They also have a top notch Coach.
    So we'll see but my guess is a month into the season most people are seeing them as a solid playoff team.
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    As to the teams you mention the Jazz are in full out tank mode and are 0 threat.
    Lakers are not a real threat. They were a 7 seed who just lost 2 starters and replaced them with air.
    They also lost key bench members and replaced them with minimum wage scraps.

    OKC, SAS, LAC, GSW are top seeds. LAC arguably right there though we need to see what that team looks like with Doc and if the young players can mesh better than they did in the playoffs.
    Memphis is tough as nails but but a bad offensive team got arguably worse there this off-season.

    Memphis, Rockets, Nuggets, Blazers and Mavs are legit contenders at 6-8 IMHO.
    Rox have the best superstars and stars win in this league. But they have A LOT to prove and haven't really gotten out of the 1st round except once in 16 years. Take the 2nd bes tplayer of the 7 seed and pout him ont he 8 seed and well to me that doesn't equal top seed.... If they trade Asik the roster might make more sense and be more dangerous.
    Dallas has the best talent of this group 1-10 and IMO the best coach. 2nd group is Harris, Ellington/VC, VC/Crowder, Blair, Wright.
    Memphis has the toughness, inside presence and continuity but lacks scorers.
    Nuggets have a some intriguing young guys that are crazy athletic and the thin air but a weird looking team with a new coach.
    Blazers are built around Aldridge who lives in trade rumors. They may want to join the tankers.

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