2013 NFL Draft: College Football Game Recaps - Week 1

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    To start the college football season, the eyes of the nation were on the top prospect for the NFL: South Carolina superstar defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. North Carolina senior left tackle James Hurst had the opportunity to help his draft stock if he played well against Clowney. Tar Heels senior quarterback Bryn Renner is also an early-round draft prospect and needed to show some toughness in the pocket. With Clowney coming off the edge, Hurst's pass-protection skills and Renner's ability to stayed poised would be put to the test.

    Clowney flashed his impressive ability, but he didn't make any splash plays against North Carolina. In the first half, Clowney had a nice rush that split the right tackle and guard to allow him to apply some pressure to Renner. Clowney had a second-quarter mental mistake when he jumped offsides on a fourth-and-2. The penalty was declined because Renner made a bigger gain via a completion. Clowney registered his first tackle of the half while in pursuing Renner out of the pocket and running him down two yards past the line of scrimmage. Clowney came close to a safety on that play. He then got in on another run tackle in pursuit nine yards past the line of scrimmage. Clowney had an even better rush that saw him get free from Hurst and dive on top of a sack pile that been started by the Gamecocks' interior linemen. Inclement weather then temporarily suspended the game.

    After the weather delay, Clowney came close to a sack on an inside speed rush from defensive tackle. On another rush, he got a shove on Renner and later finished the night with a good rush jetting by the right tackle, but Renner slipped out of Clowney's hands.

    On obvious third-down passing attempts, Hurst did a quality job of protecting his quarterback - although he did have a questionable holding call. There were a few times where Clowney tried an outside rush, but Hurst held him up to keep him off of Renner. Hurst did a particularly nice job on one deep drop of riding Clowney around the pocket.


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