2013 NFL Draft Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Duane, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Szczepanik

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    All of the drafts are going to look exactly the same in a bit. Maybe change rules and allow 5 pick range below our pick lol?

    Richardson is only one pick away from 18 =(
  2. NateSuri

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    #18 - S Kenny Vaccaro
    #47 - QB EJ Manuel
    #80 - OG Brian Winters
    #114 - DT Jordan Hill
    #151 - RB Kenjon Barner
    #184 - C Braxston Cave

    Not a Romo hater. I just like EJ and I think if the running QB is in the NFL's future, let's at least give it a shot at backup. Otherwise, pick up Sylvester Williams in the second round.
  3. Gaede

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    Sly Williams
    Le'Veon Bell
    Tony Jefferson
  4. respectdatstar

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    I really like Manuel. I just think he is too much of a luxury as a #3 QB when we just gave Romo half of Texas and have Kyle Orton as one of the best back-ups in the league, if not the best. I just think the pick could be used to address the OL or DL. I like the other picks, though.
  5. respectdatstar

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    After reading the thread about us only drafting 3 QBs in the last 23 years, maybe we should invest in a quality signal caller. I still think we have more glaring needs but have a better understanding of why it may be time to start grooming our QB of the future.
  6. Fredd

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    so sayeth Fredd (assuming no moves):

    1st (18): Kenny Vacarro, FS, Texas (honorable mention to Fluker)
    2nd (47): Terron Armstead, OT, Ark-Pine Bluff
    3rd (80): Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Sthrn St (hm:Rogers&Schwenke)
    4th (114): Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford (hm to Stills)
    5th (151): Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon (hm to Logan)
    6th (185): Michael Williams, TE, Alabama

    this assumes that we sign Moore as a FA @ OG.

    * Arguably best safety
    * STRONG talent at RT
    * an incredible motor @ DT
    * He competes for the OLB opposite Carter
    * one of my pet cats @ RB - run kenjon, run...home run waiting to happen every time he touches the ball
    * blocking TE that we need

    I would be ecstatic with this draft
  7. TheFinisher

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    18. D.J. Fluker | OT | Alabama
    47. Justin Hunter | WR | Tennessee
    80. Corey Lemonier | DE | Auburn
    114. DJ Swearinger | S | South Carolina
    151. Bennie Logan | DT | LSU
    185. Hugh Thornton | OG | Illinois

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