2013 Nfl Draft: Grading The Nfc East

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, May 3, 2013.

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    Dallas Cowboys

    Pick Player
    1.31 Travis Frederick, OC, Wisconsin
    2.15 Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State
    3.12 Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor
    3.18 J.J. Wilcox, S, Georgia Southern
    4.17 B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary
    5.18 Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State
    6.17 DeVonte Holloman, OLB, South Carolina

    Analysis: No matter how long owner/general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones discuss charts and boards, the fact remains that the ‘Boys failed to receive proper compensation in their trade down from the 18th selection to the 31st pick in the first round.
    Still, with only 18-22 true first round talents in this year’s draft, the Cowboys added an additional third round pick and addressed a major position of need by adding Wisconsin center Travis Frederick. By staying in the first round to pick Frederick, the Cowboys can now retain his rights for an additional fifth season, shoring up a need while also saving money on the ever-slim salary cap.

    Throughout the rest of the draft, the message was clear –stockpile weapons for quarterback Tony Romo and this offense. In round 2, the Cowboys added versatile tight end Gavin Escobar, whose plus size and rare pass catching skills make him a much more viable target than the speedier and smaller James Hanna. Having three tight ends now adds a new dimension to this offense, and allows the team flexibility with their sets, as they had become very predictable in recent years.

    Moving into the 3rd round, the Cowboys addressed a key position of need at safety, while attacking another crucial need at wide receiver with the pick they received from San Francisco. Terrance Williams from Baylor, can be a plug and play, vertical threat for this offense, providing depth to both the X and Z receiver positions, as well as allowing Miles Austin to operate from his best position in the slot. Georgia Southern safety J.J. Wilcox was a player the Cowboys targeted throughout the draft process, and has tremendous upside, as he’s only played safety for one full season after transitioning from a wide receiver/running back role.

    With their final three picks, the Cowboys finally stopped reaching for specific needs and let the board dictate their selections. B.W. Webb out of William & Mary, was our top rated small school cornerback and he’ll step in to compete for a nickel corner position with incumbent starter Orlando Scandrick. Webb’s high level of physicality and competitiveness, in addition to return skills, should help him secure a valuable role on this team. Running back Joseph Randle can be a spot starter and excellent change of pace back for this team, as Demarco has yet to notch a full season as the featured back. Finally, the DeVonte Holloman selection may have been the steal of the draft for the Cowboys, as I had him graded in the late day two range as a potential starter at either the Sam or Will linebacker positions. Holloman’s combination of cover instincts and ball skills as a former safety, in addition to strong hands and physicality at the point of attack, make him an ideal reserve outside backer for the immediate future and potential starter in Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2 defense.

    The Cowboys addressed multiple positions of need with capable starters and, although they sold the 18th for less than market value, they deserve a B for the talent they acquired thereafter.

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    That is a fair and an objective analysis of the selections.
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    the trade-value argument is debatable because who decides what the values are, but this is a fair analysis and not just because i agree with it :D
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    The one thing I don't get about all this grading. How can you penalize one team for a taking a player at a position that in the eyes of the graders is not a "need" and then reward another team for doing the same thing.

    ie. Most graders said the Cowboys did not need Terrance Williams but praise the Giants for taking Nassib.

    Unless Manning is injured, Nassib will never see the field. Williams at least will regardless if anyone is injured.

    Who cares about value, will the player see the field. You can't predict future draft picks and reward someone based off that.

    I think in 3 years, folks will come back to this draft and the Cowboys will end of with the best grade.
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    its what the media n ex-scouts love to do. Pile and bad talk the cowboys. They are saying the giants made a great pick for taking pugh (or wutever his name) is at 19. But criticize us for taking frederick at 31 which is basically a second rounder that gets 5 years instead of 4 to develope. And its a position of great need. Heck frederick graded out better than Pugh. Pugh has short arms syndrome and he is weak (hello free) Lets see who turns to be the better pick. Going to be great watching pugh get bullrushed into the qb. Unless the giants switch to a zone blocking scheme idk. If he moves to guard:laugh1:. Do you remember costa getting bullrushed by brandon spikes?

    Frederick mainly dropped because of his slow 40 yard dash time. Luckily he isn't going to be sprinting 40 yards to block someone often.
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    Anybody who doesn't work for the team who argues about whether a pick was for need or "going by the board" is full of crap.

    Nobody outside the organization knows what the team's draft board looked like.

    I know there have been reports about Floyd's position, so whether one guy higher up or two lower is better is a legit discussion. But no one, least of all some internet draft site, can claim authoritatively that Terrance Williams or Escobar or Wilcox weren't at the top of the Cowboys board when they made their pick.
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    The problem with this draft is that the Cowboys stacked positions of strength, while nibbling at their greatest weakness. Tony Romo will definitely have more weapons to throw to, if he continues his Houdini act avoiding oncoming rushers. I love the Frederick pick, but this team needed much more. There is no one at RT who is an NFL starter-period. Free was one of the worst RTs in the league last season, & RG Bernadeau one of the worst guards. Together, they make up the worst right side in football. Frederick is good, but I don't think he can play Center AND block the whole right side.
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    I believe Costa was bull rushed in the center position and tossed into Romo's lap by a 250lb line backer....
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    That was last year. If I remember correctly, the reason Free was moved to left tackle three years ago or so was because he played so well at right tackle. He didn't play well last year until toward the end of the season, but he may do very well again this year. Bernadeau was hurt last year, He may be better, too. You are jumping the gun.

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    I think the huge difference is the giants used a 4th rounder, not an early 3rd. A forthrounderfor possibly your future franchise QB is not bad drafting by any measure....ever.

    Hopefully Williams turns out great and all is fine

    Anyway, at this writer actually considered WR to be a big need for Dallas.
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    That's quite a leap to say Nassib is a future franchise QB when the average draft doesn't contain one, this is a historically weak QB class and Nassib was far from the first one off the board.

    None of the guys I saw this year had elite accuracy and without that tool you are not going to be a franchise QB.

    NYG basically drafted a backup QB in the fourth round. There's nothing wrong with that but 32 NFL teams voted three times each that Nassib is not going to be a franchise QB. They were probably right.

    Was Terance Williams a good pick - IDK. Most 3rd rounders don't amount to much but the kid has some skills. If he can run better routes and develop his hands he should be a reasonable threat for us. He cold probably use a year in the training room to get stronger from the looks of things. I think Williams has a much better chance of being a good player than Nassib but only time will tell.

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