2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Texas A&M v. Florida

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    OT Jake Matthews* 75
    -Effective cut block technique
    -Anchors down v. Easley power rush and shuts it down
    -Pushes the DE down the line of scrimmage and actually creates a screen on two defenders that allows the RB to cut back up field and pick up 10+ yards
    -Takes Easley out of the play on a QB draw, coils and explodes into DE
    -Is giving Dominque Easley absolute fits
    -Gators go to super wide split and Matthews is not phased
    -First sub-par block of the game, pushes Easley but never engages and Easley makes the stop on the rush
    -False start penalty
    -Beaten inside by McCray
    -Would like to see more of a punch in pass pro, tends to wait on DE/LB to make a move before he reacts
    -Handled multiple Gator defenders who tried to rush from his side
    -Strong hands, when he gets his mits on you its near impossible to get them off you
    -Doesn’t get full extension on his arms, but has enough strength to control the blocks
    -Set up is picture perfect, balance, footwork, and hands are all perfect time after time

    Summary: When people say that Matthews is the best RT in the college game it’s hard to argue and the way he handled Florida’s pass rush was stellar. Matthews is a classic RT prospect who is big, strong, and likes to manhandle defenders. Even when going up against a big DE like Dominique Easley, Matthews made him look like a rag doll with the way he shut down his power rushes and moved him around at will. Got caught a couple of time cheating outside and got beat inside but nothing that has me worried. We will be grading Matthews and Joeckel later on, so be on the look out!

    OT Luke Joeckel* 76
    -Effective cut block technique
    -Puts his man on the ground when run blocking
    -Actually took on two defenders at once with a blitzer and a DE taking contain, at one time had an arm extended on each and neither got hear his QB
    -Gets to 2nd level and engages Bostic
    -Can’t stay in front of Evans on option run and potentially could of cost his team a TD with missed block
    -Flawless technique snap after snap
    -Gets beat outside by DE (11) but the QB escapes and Joeckel does all he can to stop any backside pursuit from chasing him down
    -Lines up as a TE on the right side to go jumbo with Matthews in Wildcast formation, run is to their side for a TD
    -Allowed Floyd to shake loose after good initial block and it flushed his QB
    -Gets pushed back some but does well to recover and stone wall DE
    -Hands look strong, and his punch carries some pop
    -Moves feet well when mirror DE
    -Extends arms out in front of his body and locks out to control blocker
    -Understands how to play with leverage
    -Has the ability to recover while being beaten to neutralize threat

    Summary: Joeckel does everything right that you want in a LT prospect, he is a dominant OT who gives his QB complete faith and confidence that his backside is being protected. He was beaten a few times, but no OT is going to win every battle. The combination of size, strength, and athleticism that Joeckel has is rare and he game is quite polished already. There are some finer points he could work on (consistent hand placement) but he’s ready for the NFL. We’ll have more on Joeckel later as we grade both he and Matthews on every snap in this game!


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