2013 Playoff Team Prediction

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Star4Ever, Sep 3, 2013.

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    East - Dallas (head and heart pick. Most talented roster in the division)
    South - Atlanta
    West - San Fran
    North- Green Bay

    Wild cards - Seattle and Chicago

    The NFC is going to be tough. Personally, I think we have fewer weaknesses than Green Bay. Their OL is worse than ours, as is their defense. I wanted to put New Orleans in the playoffs, but their defense is going to be terrible. I see Minnesota and Washington taking steps back this year. Give me Atlanta in the Super Bowl. They were close last year and should be able to beat out San Francisco as the best NFC team. San Fran has the better defense, but Atlanta has he better offense. I need to see more out of Kappernick before he's the next "big thing".


    East - New England (by default)
    South - Houston
    West - Denver
    North - Cincinnati

    Wildcards - Baltimore and Indy

    The AFC is crap right now. I would've taken Denver as the Super Bowl representative, but injuries, free agent losses, and suspensions nixed that. I picked Indy as a wildcard simply because there wasn't any other team to take. Houston for the Super Bowl.
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    Cowboys,Falcons,Packers,Seahawks WCs Lions,Bucs

    Pats,Texans,Bengals,Broncos WCs Cheifs,Colts (both 9-7 not a typo KC)
    1st rd
    Lions @ Seattle
    Buc @ Green Bay
    Colts @ Cinncy
    Chiefs @Texans

    2nd Rd
    Seattle @Dallas
    Green Bay @ Atlanta
    Cinncy @ Pats.
    Texans @ Broncos

    Packers at Dallas
    Bengals at Broncos

    Super Bowl
    Bengals vs Cowboys

    SB champions

    This is not a joke, this is my prediction and I believe it
  3. Star4Ever

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    I sure hope your picks are more accurate than mine. I seriously considered taking the Chiefs as the second AFC wildcard but couldn't pull the trigger. The AFC just doesn't have any depth.
  4. blindzebra

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    1. Dallas 12-4

    2. Atlanta 11-5

    3. St Louis 10-6

    4. Minnesota 10-6

    5. GB 10-6

    6. NO 10-6

    NO over StL, GB over Minn

    Dallas over NO, Atlanta over GB

    Dallas over Atlanta

    1. Houston 11-5

    2. Cincinnatti 11-5

    3. Denver 10-6

    4. NE 10-6

    5. Balt 9-7

    6. Indy 9-7

    Indy over Den, Balt over NE

    Houston over Indy, Balt over Cin

    Houston over Balt


    Dallas 35

    Houston 17
  5. StarBoyz83

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    If we dont at least make the playoffs this year. Im going to cry in the bathroom. Lol
  6. Muhast

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    Interesting that 2 of the predictions have Seattle and STL winning the division with no sign of the 49ers.

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