2013 Starting Lineup

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Possibly at RG he would.
    He isn't better than Costa at OC though. Not right now.

    Jones has had some really poor games this season in the SEC as an OC.
    He was much better last year.
  2. jterrell

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    Knox has been rehabilitating for an entire year and expects to play in 2013. The Bears have spent big at WR on others so he likely won't return.

    If he can pass a physical he will be the very definition of a mid-level FA signing.

    He is a Texas kid and pure speedster who replaces Austin's game breaking ability. And we have a starting spot open.

    I definitely agree though he'd have to pass a physical and that isn't guaranteed.

    There are other WRs I'd rather have and I think that position has to be addressed if we release Austin but I tried to be very realistic about the state of our cap space and look for complete bargains. Others here have used 5+m per year guys as mid-level.

    I look at him same as Columbo whom we also salvaged off the Bears scrap heap after time to fully heal.
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    That team would go 8-8 again.

    Good to talk about, but the probability of it happening is very low that we go 2 interior OL in a row that high.
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    We really didn't get hit that hard from Mara. Skins have to deal with much worse.
  5. xwalker

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    Khalad Holmes is currently projected to go in the 3rd.
  6. honyock

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    If all we get is three additions to be starting by midseason, then this scenario makes sense. I'd love to see a safety added, but I'm suspecting that won't happen. Moving Livings to LG for a vet next to Parnell makes sense.

    And we really need a NT, so I'd be okay with flipping it to a NT in the draft and
    FA guard help.

    It may be pretty realistic that this is all that will change in the starting 22...we may not make a big splash in FA.

    The other option (called the Wishful Thinking option) is that one or more of either Arkin, Leary, or Johnson develops and makes an impact early on or as the season goes along.

    By the way, I'm enjoying your Scenario threads the past couple of weeks. Makes all us armchair GM's think a little harder about what's possible and probable. :)
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    hey xwalker, have you seen the latest drafttek mock? I found it to be quite nice....though now that matthews is supposedly going back to A&M, the mock will have to change.
  8. xwalker

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    I would really like to sign Brandon Moore from the Jets. He is a RG that knows Callahan's system. At age 32 he shouldn't be too expensive and would be the best option on day-1. Hopefully, a young player could be pushing to replace him and/or Livings by 2014.

    Without knowing the exact salary cap numbers, I didn't put a 2nd FA in this base version of my roster projection.

    It would be great to add a top Safety in FA; however, I'll settle for a mid-level NT and possibly an OG in FA.

    Physically, Leary looks like he has all of the requirements of an NFL OG. It just depends on the learning curve for him.

    They seem convinced that Matt Johnson can play if healthy.

    Arkin gained weight last offseason. He must come into camp stronger than last year.

    Thanks. My goal is just to make some football threads that push the "It's Jerry" threads off the page.

  9. xwalker

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    No, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  10. Oh_Canada

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    Two offensive lineman picked in the first three rounds is going to result in another 8-8 season

    The team needs dlineman badly. Knighton is nothing more than a backup and Ratliff is a dice roll at this stage of his career.

    I'm ok with the Cooper pick not thrilled by it, but I would settle for him as a fan if it meant two front seven (dline or olb) and/or safety followed.
  11. xwalker

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    Cowboys picks:
    Jake Matthews 18 - They have my top 3 (Cooper, Jordon, Warmack) off the board before #18.
    Travis Frederick 48 - Strong but appears to lack athleticism.
    Kenjon Barner 80 - Love the player but I was hoping to get him in the 4th.
    Brandon Williams 112 - Love it. I think 4th round is accurate.
    Devin Taylor 144 - Interesting player. I forgot SC had a pass-rusher on the opposite side of Clowney.

    Some of their picks that seem way off:
    Dallas Thomas 78

    Sheldon Richardson 49

    Cordarrelle Patterson 61

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