2014 Boston Red Sox Action

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by FuzzyLumpkins, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Neither of these 2 teams should be terribly worried about playing October baseball, but we need to discuss something much more serious:

    Is Jacoby Ellsbury the worst free agent signing of all time, or what? The guy finally got his average over .280 and they are thinking of throwing him a parade. He had one great season 3 years ago and so the idiot Yankees decide to throw him $150 mil. Don't worry, NYers.... you only have another 6 years, ~$130 million with him. LOLOLOL
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    I dont, either 3B or corrner OF.

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    Why don't you think he can stay at short? His defense at short in the minors was acceptable and he's still only 21. I think he has the potential to be at least an average defensive shortstop which will boost his offensive value.

    I can't believe I found a Red Sox thread on a Cowboys message board!
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    SS is a premium defensive position and I dont see him ever fielding the position well enough to justify leaving him there. His bat OTOH looks more like corner OF or 3B. Sox have a strong defensive SS at Portland Devin Marerro now who will likely hit well enough to to play in the bigs sometime in the next year. I think the Middlebrooks experiment is over and that he eventually becomes a consistent 240 20 HR 80 RBI guy, just not in Boston. Sox have a 17 YO tearing up the DSL named Devers who was their top international signing last year. Keep an an eye on him over the next few years.

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