2014 NFL Draft: Matt Miller's Scouting Notebook for 3rd Week of Free Agency

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    Five Up

    5. WR Cody Latimer, Indiana

    A foot injury kept Latimer from working out at the combine, and even though he wasn't completely healed in time for his pro day, he put on his cleats and stole the show. Running an official 4.38 in the 40-yard dash at 6'3", 215 pounds, answered many questions. I initially gave Latimer a third-round grade when he declared for the draft, but thanks to re-checks, he's moved to a second-round projection.

    As long as his foot checks out for teams at individual workouts, he could surprise as a late first-round pick.

    Current ranking: No. 41 overall

    4. OL Joel Bitonio, Nevada

    As one of the more versatile linemen in the draft class, Bitonio has potential as a tackle or guard. Teams I've spoken with like him best at right guard, and watching the film it's easy to agree. He's a power player with good movement skills who could struggle with space if left on the edge. Still, Bitonio looks like a future Pro Bowler at guard.

    Current ranking: No. 62

    3. DL Dominique Easley, Florida

    Health is the key for Dominique Easley, and he is incredibly tough to assign a value to until he's given a clean bill of health. Based purely on talent and film study before his second ACL tear, Easley would be the top-ranked defensive tackle in this class. He's comparable to Aaron Donald in quickness and size, and Easley would likely give teams a hard time picking between the two.

    That said, until we know when Easley will be cleared and ready to go, it's tough to give him a true ranking. He's moving up my board, though, given a "ranked if healthy" grade.

    Current ranking: No. 53

    2. QB Tom Savage, Pitt

    Watching Tom Savage during the season, I wasn't blown away. But that's the trouble with TV broadcast viewing—you don't always get the full picture. On reevaluating him post-combine, you notice just how poor his pass protection was. That led to some of the bad habits seen in his footwork. All that said, his arm strength and pro-style background are very intriguing.

    Current ranking: No. 132

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    Latimer is starting to get a lot of love. Most interesting nugget in here if true is Bears looking CB in round one.
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    I feel dirty. I reviewed the post only to discover that it came from BleacherReport.

    I would prefer to mingle with serial killers over reading BleacherReport. At least I didn't click on it to give them a web hit.
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