2014 NFL Mock Draft

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    1. Oakland Raiders — Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina: Whichever team winds up picking No. 1 overall will be faced with quite the dilemma. Does that team nab a potential franchise quarterback or Clowney, the country’s best defender and a player that may have been taken first in the 2013 draft had he been eligible? I’ll stick with Clowney here, for now, because he’s the best 2014 prospect. Also, it’s a deep QB draft, so the Raiders (hypothetically) could land Clowney early, then possibly turn around with a QB like A.J. McCarron, Braxton Miller, Derek Carr or David Fales atop Round 2.

    2. Arizona Cardinals — Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville: We’re still four months from the college football season, but Bridgewater is the clear top QB prospect for 2014. That’s not to say that the QB crop is weak — several could justify first-round picks (assuming they don’t flop in 2013) and the class could have several players off the board on Day 1 or 2. But there is very little not to like about Bridgewater’s game, and the Cardinals would love to have him.

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars — Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson: As a guest analyst on the NFL Network’s draft coverage, LSU head coach absolutely raved about Boyd. Miles’ Tigers fell to Boyd’s … well, Tigers in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl last year, and Boyd threw for 346 yards and accounted for three touchdowns. Miles said his team tried everything and just couldn’t stop the assault. Boyd has now had back-to-back sensational years, and he is the type of dual-threat QB teams are clamoring for right now.

    4. Cleveland Browns — Marqise Lee, WR, USC: Lee is just 6-feet tall, so we’re not talking about a Calvin Johnson-type that’s going to win jump balls consistently. What Lee will do, though, is get open and make plays. He caught a whopping 118 passes last season for 1,721 yards and 14 touchdowns. You’re looking at a Heisman frontrunner for 2013 and a player that could dramatically improve an NFL offense.

    5. New York Jets — Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson: The Jets again miss out on the top receiver, this imaginary draft matching 2013 reality. Watkins would be a terrific consolation prize. He split top duties with DeAndre Hopkins as a sophomore and still put up 57 catches for 708 yards. Given a full year to shine as the No. 1 target for Boyd, Watkins should soar.

    6. San Diego Chargers — Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M:

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    Brett Hundley to the Eagles!!! This would be very upsetting....Anthony Barr going 20th? If Barr goes 20th then things will not be going well for the Bruins and I don't see Hundley leaving like that.
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    Yuck! He has us taking another OT in the first round.

    I agree that we've neglected the OL but you can only invest so much in one position before you're neglecting the rest of the roster. In general, I'm okay with drafting LTs in the first. But now with a first round LT and first round Center, we should fill out the rest of the OL with wisely chosen lower picks. My hope is still that Parnell breaks through this year and shows that he can be the future RT.

    I'd be much more interested in finding an OG in the second or third round next year to add to the stable.
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    Especially OT's coming off major knee surgery.
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    If Manziel is on the board (or any potential starter as a NFL QB) when Dallas selects, how can Jerry pass that pick up?
    If the 2014 Draft is a deep QB class, pull the trigger on a QB.
    Sooner or later, transitioning to a new QB is inevitable.
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    Some people (Aggies) are not going to like this. They believe that Johnny is going to be the greatest NFL QB in history.
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    I didn't click the link. Who do we take at 32?
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    Love the pick but at the spot Dallas is picking at is a joke like they penciled us in not making the playoffs again for this upcoming season.... Yeah right
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    i would be suprised if Matthews goes before Lewan, and I wouldn't be suprised if Matthews is a guard in the NFL. I think he's like 6'4, so the arm measurements could likely hurt his stock.
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    Dallas' pick will depend on who is coaching. I suspect it will be either Chucky or Sean Payton. But I doubt if either would pick a 6 foot QB as their first ever pick in a new town. Not with Romo already here.
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    I have a few questions about Manziel.

    Can he take snaps under center?

    Does he have the arm strength?

    Does he have the size?

    He is a special player for sure and he has that ability to buy time in the pocket which is priceless at the next level.
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    if Manziel drops to where we are in the mock, I dont see us passing up on him.
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    What would be the point of taking him?

    Putting more unneeded pressure on your QB that would be one year into a new extension?

    Or how about wasting a high pick on a project QB that'll probably never see the field and probably cause a tebow type circus atmosphere.

    The dude is an extremely easy pass.
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    Agreed. I think he'll probably have a better NFL career than Tebow - who I don't necessarily think is done - but I don't think taking him in the first round, with Romo here, is a good idea at all.

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    I doubt he goes in the 1st round.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Unless we solve the OT position this season or somehow trade for a guy that works out long term (which is very doubtful), I seriously think we should get used to the idea of drafting an OT in the 1st round next year. The cap implications of keeping Free or whomever around are crippling. We have to be able to solve that problem or we will be even more strapped next year.
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    Niners win their 6th championship I see.
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    What do you think of being mocked UNC DE Kareem Martin in 2014?

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