2014 playoffs and their sub-stories

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    NFL 2014 playoffs

    Saints. Drew Brees and his quest for #2 after being replaced by Rivers. Rivers getting one after being traded for Eli. Rivers getting over hump without Nor.

    Seatle. Been in contention sporadically over recent memory. Maybe this is their time. Wilson is nice story. Tough defense.

    49ers. Make up for coming up short last year. Get to 6 SBs. Caep is nice story.

    Panthers. Superman. Expansion team wins.

    Patriots. That annoying team in trash division. Always there... Always hangjng around. Can't seem to win it after caught cheating. 3 wins with, 2 loses without.

    Chargers. The Cowboys west. Get over humor before we do. Rivers. Eli. Etc.

    Colts. Fast turnaround with "Luck". Guy is leader/ winner no matter what.

    Broncos. Want Peyton to get it. Can't stand that eli has one more. Wins with two different horse teams. Lol

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