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    -These are the top QB prospects for the 2014 Draft (as ranked by CBS Sports). Other notable QB's not mentioned who are eligible:

    1. Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA 6-3 223 lbs.

    - Just a Redshirt Sophomore coming into this season, Hundley will be draft eligible next season, similar to Johnny Manziel. And, if he has another season this year like he did last, or he improves, he will be touted as one of the top QB's in the draft, probably even top-3: He's that good. He has all the physical tools with his combination of size, athleticism, arm strength, and running ability, as well as very good accuracy that is only improving. Most importantly, he thrives under pressure. He's cool, calm, and collected for a young QB. He's probably my favorite QB prospect if he comes out, but look for him to be a 1st-round draft pick if he enters next year.

    2. Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon 6-4 214 lbs.

    - Another Redshirt Sophomore coming into this season, Mariotta will likely return to school for his Jr. year and forego entering the draft. But, if he enters, he's an intriguing prospect. He's got very good size and athleticism as a dual-threat QB, and good enough arm strength to make all the throws. He's a quiet, humble leader who leads the #1 scoring offense in the nation at Oregon. He's smart, doesn't turn the ball over often, and makes good decisions. But, he runs a spread offense, so it would likely take a season or two to get completely comfortable with taking all snaps under center. Regardless though, he may just be scratching the surface of his potential, and that's scary.

    3. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M 6-0 205 lbs.

    - Last but certainly not least, Johnny Football. What can you I say? We all know about him.. his strengths, his weaknesses, his extravagant lifestyle and love for debauchery. Simply put, he's the most polarizing figure in college football we've seen in the past 10 years, if not ever (yes, that's right). No player has ever had their every move watched under a magnifying glass the way Manziel has (thank the social media era for that). But, a lot of it his his own doing, so take it for what it's worth. You either love him or you hate him. All I know is Jerry Jones loves him. therefore, he's on the Cowboys radar.

    -Personally, my favorite prospects are Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariotta, and Stephen Morris of Miami (I think he's the hidden gem of the crop). But, realistically, I think they'll all be gone before we would ever draft them, along with Bridgewater and Boyd obviously. We're more likely to draft a prospect in the middle rounds to develop, like Bryn Renner or Derek Carr. As for Johnny Football, he's the wildcard of this draft. It'll be interesting to see what this season holds in store for him (if he even plays).

    -Other note*: This year is arguably more important for Logan Thomas than any other QB prospect. If he has a season similar to his 2011 campaign, he could easily be a top 20 pick. If he has a repeat of last year, he'll likely go in the mid-to-late rounds. He has the makeup of a #1 overall pick at QB at 6-6, 255 lbs and a cannon for an arm, along with very good athleticism, but the guy is an anomaly. He just can't put it all together. If his mental abilities ever catch up to his physical ones, watch out. Until then, he's a project.

    -So, thoughts? Who are your early favorite candidates? There are a ton to choose from next year as it's a very strong QB class. Share and discuss.
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    Should've added this guy. Apparently he's moving up boards quickly.

    Jeff Matthews, QB, Cornell 6-4 224 lbs

    -An Ivy League QB, he certainly hasn't faced good competition, nor will he in his college career. But regardless, Matthews has a lot of intrigue from NFL scouts. What stands out to them: Aside from his prototypical size, Matthews has a cannon for an arm. You can see it in his highlights, and from everything I've read, he might even have a stronger arm than Logan Thomas, which says a lot.. He also has great footwork and mechanics, with a quick, 3/4 release. On top of all that, he's a really smart guy (obviously). He has tremendous upside, particularly as a developmental guy (which is what Dallas is looking for). Here's an excerpt from his scouting report:

    "On the field, he has ample control of the offense, audible autonomy and an elite level of route concepts and defensive schematic "tells." Not only can he use a hot route against an unsuspecting defense, but he also can change a half-field route to give him a new, more leveraged play to attack a defense. Mathews uses his eyes well to switch fields with the subtlety to move safeties and linebackers in both zone and cover-one man defenses.

    Ivy League coaches rave about Mathews' mental capacity and the little details of the game in which he has flashed brilliance. Mathews wows Cornell defensive coaches and conferences opponents with his pre-snap vision, football IQ, savvy and room to improve his senior season."

    Here's more from that scouting report on him. Worth reading: http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/sto...nell-jeff-mathews-ben-roethlisberger-steelers

    -He'll get knocked for facing such weak defenses, but so did Romo and Roethlisberger. At the very least he's a guy to keep an eye on this season and throughout the draft process. Could very well be a top developmental QB prospect in next year's draft.

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    Love Hundley but drafting him means this year was probably a disaster with Romo ($13.5 to $21M remaining guaranteed contract) most likely to blame. IMO the QB would be in the same position as Romo, playing behind a shaky O Line, and limited resources to do anything about it.

    You are right though, great QB class next year. I'd rather get someone like Renner, Matthews, or Mettenberger in the later rounds and groom him.
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    I am intrigued by the following: Boyd, Morris, Hundley and Murray. They wont finish with a bad enough record to sniff Bridgewater, who I actually expect to go before Clowney. I am intrigued by JFB as well, I'll admit it, and think Jerry probably has a secret crush on him.
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    Word around Westwood is that Hundley has told Coach Mora that he will stay at UCLA until at least his Junior year. I'm not sure what to make of that statement. As Tommy Lasorda used to say. "What may be true today may not be true tomorrow".

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    Derek Carr is a very interesting player. He's got pretty good mobility and decent size. The last two seasons, he's thrown for 7,700 Yards, completed 65% of his passes, Averages 8.0 YPA, has thrown for 63 TDs against 16 INTs. The interesting thing about him is that he's been playing with a torn ab muscle and a sports hernia that he just had repaired in this last offseason. He is also the younger brother of David Carr. He could be a really interesting option next year.
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    Yea I actually think Carr might be one of our main targets come draft time, especially since he'll likely be a 3rd-4th round prospect. If he really improves this his Senior year, he might even make his way into the 2nd round. He has the talent of a starting NFL QB. Good size like you said at 6-3, 215 lbs and he has a strong arm; Can make all the throws. He shows good touch on deep passes as well. He's a pretty good athlete for the QB position. Not a huge scrambler but can definitely make plays with his feet, similar to Romo. He mainly just needs to improve on stepping up in pocket and making throws under pressure. He throws off his back foot too often or rushes throws into coverage. That's his main bugaboo right now. But, some of that has to do with the fact that his O-Line isn't great. He was on his backside a lot last season. He also takes a lot of snaps from the shotgun unfortunately since Fresno St. runs a spread offense. But, with a couple years of development, I think he could be a steal in the 3rd round or so. I think Dallas takes a serious look at him next year. It should also be noted that he's a high-character guy which Jerry and Jason will both like.

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    I don't want to use a high pick on a QB right now.

    The one guy I am most intrigued by isn't on that list and that is Casey Pachall. Right now i'd say he's looking at 7-UDFA given his history. If he has a good enough season I'd bet he moves in to the 4-5 area.
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    Generally, there are no stacked quarterback drafts. There aren't enough elite qbs for there to be a stack of them.
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    I like Morris out of The U, but he does have some INT issues it seems. But he always seems to get his team to battle back. Get the turnovers under control and he could be decent.
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    I think it's way too early to draft a QB in the first round. Under the new CBA you want to take advantage of the slotted salary, and giving this to a guy who probably wouldn't start until his last year of his rookie contract it's a waste of money, and even more so a waste of a pick at this point. We should wait until 2015 at the earliest, but ideally 2016 to draft a QB with our first round pick.
    Now with this class at this point appearing to be stacked at QB, and skill position it should drive some players along the d-line and o-line to drop and this is how we should take advantage of bolstering our lines.
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    He seems like a great prospect I agree, but I honestly feel if Jerry drafts a QB with the first round pick it will be the dumbest decision he has ever made as a GM.
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    Dumber than trading a 1st and 3rd round pick for Roy Williams? :)
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    Okay maybe not that dumb but close to it. With this new CBA you want those first rounders to start asap, and especially at QB because it gives you so much cap flexibility. Drafting one in 2014 you will get a very small dosage, and at that point it's time to re-sign him not really knowing what your going to get. Tony Romo is going to be here until at least 2017 but most likely with him getting his contract restructured in 2014 possibly 2015 he will be here until 2018, so drafting a guy in 2014 means he will have a contract until 2019 and then he is a UFA. It's much smarter to wait until 2016 which would give him 2-3 years of starting time to show what he's worth, and address other issues in the first. This year we will most likely draft a D-linemen in the first, 2015 will more then likely be a OT, then in 2016 you get your QB. I know it's easy to speculate but that's the route they should take.
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    Good year to grab a prospect let him set for a while then let him play. Especially if Tanney pans out, they can fight for the #1 spot and the other can be traded for draft picks.
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    I would love for us to draft a kid like Morris out of Miami... Cannon for an arm and can make every NFL throw accurately!
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    Intriguing guy but I worry about his decsion making skills.

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