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    Here are my personal takeaways from the Film session.

    -I wanted to get my peak at the quarterbacks again, particularly Jimmy Garoppolo. His pre-snap decision making and anticipation is fantastic, and is confident and usually correct when he knows what his checkdowns will look like post-snap. He needs to use his eyes better post-snap to open up underneath routes. His placement on the skinny post was near flawless all week, and he showed plus velocity control to lead receiver with very catchable ball. He also possesses an elite pump fake, a small part of his game but could be his signature in his career. He does need to lean off his back foot on short-mid field routes a little better to help generate velocity, and overall, his footwork needs help.

    -During 7 on 7s, I saw Derek Carr pass on multiple mid-field throws in favor for a check down on the outside. The check down was actually the right decision based on the play call, but like on film, Carr doesn’t use his tremendous arm strength to squeeze throws into tight windows. I don’t want him to be Matt Stafford and force everything, but for a quarterback who’s limited in his mobility, threatening defenses in the middle of the field in tight windows is the best way he can force defenses to play back. I’d like to see a bit more “gunslinger” mentality to his game, and I’m not sure that’s a fixable thing.

    -David Fales doesn’t use his eyes nearly well enough for a quarterback with his limitations, especially when moving from inside to outside. The defensive backs here were consistently able to anticipate his throws and either knock them away or likely force an incompletion had it been full contact.

    -Mike Davis consistently rounded his outside breaking routes during the week. He seems to have mastered the skinny post, but any deep out, comeback, or corner route lacks the precision required.


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