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    -As someone pointed out to me, revisiting the invite process of the Senior Bowl this year produces surprising results. First off, it's amazing that Jimmy Garoppolo was a late invite, as he left the event as clearly one of the three best passers there. He replaced AJ McCarron, who would have needed to be REALLY bad to not be one of the best 2-3 passers there. Aaron Murray didn't participate due to injury, but the fact that he was there likely helped his goodwill with teams, and likely leaves the event as the 4th best quarterback who attended, despite not throwing a pass.

    -Telvin Smith had a strange incident to start the week. At his weigh in, where he had a slight frame, he cruised (almost with a hop to his step) past the scale where he needed to be weighed, despite seeing over 50 players follow the path he needed to take. When his weight was official (a mere 215 pounds, awfully low for a linebacker), Smith put his hands up like he won a boxing match. I don't know what exactly to make of it, but combining that with his personality, attitude, interview notes, and more leads to more questions than answers about what's going on in the head of Telvin Smith.

    -Utah State’s Nevin Lawson was really impressive all week as a gunner on punt return and seemed to take kickoff very seriously. He was arguably the best special teamer of the week from what I saw. Combine that with his physicality as a nickel cornerback this week, and Lawson may have earned a draft spot after Mobile.

    -Aaron Colvin’s injury was terrible to see. As the receiver cut on a deep post, Colvin turned on his knee awkwardly and went down. His torn ACL diagnosis is frustrating, and may push him well into Day Three despite having a strong week before. Still, this shouldn’t be a detraction for future players to attend the game. One freak injury shouldn’t out-weigh the value the game provides.

    -Adrian Hubbard was rendered position-less after practice this week. He has awesome size and body type, but he simply looked lost playing any defensive position. He’s too stiff to play linebacker, doesn’t have success as a pass rusher, and seemed to lack defensive football IQ on the field. He’s earned a 7th round “flier” grade for us.

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    Welp that aint good for a guy with a rep for having an inconsistent motor.
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    I worry about the reports on Hageman. Look like Tarzan play like Jane because he just isn't motivated. This was his chance to make a lot of money but can't even put on a good front for his ultimate job interview?! I don't like spending my 1st rounder on player like that.
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    He seems focused in game footage, but tends to be an over-celebrator.

    Is he fast enough to play Safety like Kam Chancellor?
    I would draft injured players with this type of injury if they don't otherwise have an injury history. You can stash them on IR for a year.

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