2014 supplemental draft

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    Today, big LaKendrick Ross had his pro day before 12 NFL teams. Ross has entered the NFL’s Supplemental Draft. The Eagles, Chiefs, Rams, Niners, Cardinals, Bears, Raiders, Texans, Colts, Falcons, Patriots and one other.

    Ross weighed in at 360 pounds and looked amazing. The NFL scouts were flocking around the physical specimen while he ran his 40 yard dash as well as did positional drills.

    We are still waiting on the numbers, but if we get them we will let you know soon.

    Here is a clip of how athletic Ross is.


    Ross weighed in at 366 pounds and measured in at 6’4.

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    Former Southern Methodist running back Traylon Snead was ruled eligible for the NFL’s Supplemental Draft, according to his agent, Louis Bing of Zoe Sports earlier this month and now it is confirmed he will declare for the draft, per Dane Brugler.

    The supplemental draft does not get the same attention and focus as the NFL Draft does as this is more of a second-chance for prospects who have been kicked off their college team or fell out of favor with the team and will not be returning to college in the fall.

    Snead looks like an NFL-caliber player when you see the 6-2, 225-pound running back, but he wasn’t the most productive player at SMU. He was injured in the season opener last year against Texas Tech and was injured again in the game against Temple and finished with 197 yards and three touchdowns in parts of four games.

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    There is a LB from UNC in that draft, might we be Interested?
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    If they aren't drafted, I assume they can be signed as free agents?
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    1. Darius Lipford, OLB, North Carolina (6th-7th) – Cowboys*, Bucs, Vikings, JaguarsAfter starting one game and playing in 11 as a freshman in 2010 and being the team’s full-time started in 2011 at strong side linebacker, Darius Lipford tore his ACL in the team’s bowl game in early 2012, forcing him to miss the entire 2012 season. Once he returned in 2013, he played in 10 games, mostly as the team’s “Bandit” linebacker, playing more defensive end/pass-rusher roles than a regular 4-3 strong side linebacker. Despite the injury concerns and somewhat out of place position, Lipford showed plus explosiveness on the edge and when stunting as a rusher, with the requisite bend and balance during his leg drive and while engaged. Also with plus length for an NFL strong side linebacker and plus in-space athleticism to breakdown and finish as a tackler, he has the upside to contribute situationally early in his NFL career and can certainly add a good, not elite, athlete to a team’s special teams unit. He’s the most likely draft pick of the class in my opinion, and I think a team like the Dallas Cowboys would love to scoop him up and battle in training camp

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    Dont know if he can play, but Ross carries 365lbs pretty well. I was expecting a big fat guy. Darren Benson anyone?
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    Dallas did attend Shead's workout.
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    Keep in mind that we gave up our 6th for McClain but took back an additional 7th.
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    Forgot all about the supplememntal draft, thanks.
    I think we are set going into TC. Can't see losing draft picks, even late round picks.
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    never spend more than a 7th round pick. I can't recall the last time a player has worked out from supplemental draft....
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    Seen on Twitter: Team says they have no interest in any player in supplemental draft.
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    Brent was working out until he wasn't
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    If Shead makes it through the draft, we'll maybe bring him in as a UDFA in camp.
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    Yea, now that would be good. At least may show to be a PS candidate.
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    Steve Walsh?
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    welp..that's that...
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    Probably explains why no one knew bout this before today.

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