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    Season is not over yet, but always fun to look towards the future. I am also trying to get more views so that somebody allows me to post in other forums.......

    Would u make a run at Desean Jackson in FAgency? Man that would be scary......I think u really have to think about it and say....what if? Think about it....I don't think he has to be the major star and i think playing with Dak and Elliot will and could play a part. I think this team will attract some players who might other wise have said...nah I don't want play with Romo....It is possible....think about it.

    As for Draft...I think a WR or LB are two positions that I would look hard at. Maybe a SS, but I think we might have to much money there. A CB is always a possiblity, but I would hate to pay for a CB when CB or hit or miss ...u can always do good with just a solid DB.....thank about Carr...what a year a difference makes.

    Well....this is another post..I hope i gain more access to post in other sections..

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