2018 Right Defensive Ends (questions)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MonsterD, May 7, 2017.

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    235 and was up to 255 last year. DLaw was 251 and got up to 265-270
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    And I'm sure these other guys are no different once they get on a weight gain program. It's just funny to see fans down guys for being slim when we were all over Gregory
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    Just to add some deeper cuts to the RDE radar...

    I agree with others that Arden Key and Harold Landry are the big prospects, with Ejiofor and Chubb probably in the next tier. Also, Clelin Farrell of Clemson. I think he ends up being a top 10 player when he declares. Redshirt Soph. and really looked like a future superstar by the end of last season.

    Watch for Tremaine Edmunds (VA Tech). Edmunds plays a traditional LB role -- sometimes ILB, sometimes OLB -- and only occasionally used as a pass rusher . I think that's just the D VA Tech runs and he's a pass rusher in the NFL. He's a Jr and listed around 6'5" and 235. Put up 106 tackles, 18.5 TFL, 4.5 sacks, 1 INT last year.

    Lorenzo Carter at Georgia is listed at 6'6" and around 240. Used as a down pass rusher last year much more. Previously, played a lot of OLB and dropped into coverage. Another freak athlete w/ length. His nickname will be SPARQy around combine time.

    A couple of interesting prospects filling big shoes are Christian Miller (Alabama) and Jonathan Kongbo (Tennessee). All potential so far. Neither of them have done much yet, stuck behind Tim Williams and Derek Barnett. Miller (6'4" and 235) is a Junior and Kongbo (6'6" and 265) is a rJr.

    This year's Noah Spence/Randy Gregory/Frank Clark could be Walter Brady. Plays at Middle Tenn St after getting kicked out of Missouri. Was a Freshman All-American and put up equivalent production to Charles Harris in a slightly bigger body, then kicked out before Soph year and transferred.

    Need to see more: Josh Sweat (FSU 6'5"/250 Jr), Dorrance Armstrong Jr (Kansas 6'4"/240 Jr)
    **Sweat's draft grade could be very dependent on medical. Had a lower leg dislocation in HS and plays with a brace.
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    If Randy Gregory was in the 2017 draft and had no character issues, he would have been a top 10 pick. He has more talent than Barnett was a significant margin.
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