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#229 - 7th Round - Kansas City James Kilian QB Tulsa

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Chiefs select...James Killian QB Tulsa
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    Strengths: Is tall, has adequate bulk and the frame to get even bigger. He has adequate arm strength. Shows enough zip on the deep out route but cannot fit the ball into some spots that stronger-armed NFL quarterbacks could. His accuracy and efficiency as a passer continues to improve. He shows the ability to throw on the run with good velocity and accuracy. He will do a terrific job of making things happen after the initial play breaks down. He is quick and elusive. Has a quick set, a good pocket presence and buys himself a lot of extra time with his mobility. He also is a threat to run  has adequate-to-good speed and is an elusive and tough runner in the open field.

    Weaknesses: He's raw as a passer. Doesn't show a great feel for reading coverages and making check down reads. Will lock on to his primary receiver too much. Accuracy has improved but it still is not great. Needs to become more mechanically sound and consistent with his release. Can be impatient when his primary isn't open and will take off and run too early at times. He still needs to add bulk and get stronger. He has adequate-to-good arm strength but it's not elite.

    Overall: Kilian redshirted in 2000 and started just three games from 2001-'02 before taking over as the Golden Hurricane's fulltime starting quarterback as a junior in 2003. He's a dual threat who completed 56.8-percent of his passing attempts and also rushed for 605 yards in 2003. As a senior in 2004, Kilian completed 54.6-percent of his attempts for 2,247 yards with 13 TD's and 16 INT's. He also rushed for 282 yards and eight TD's. Kilian is an intriguing priority free agent prospect because he has some developmental upside. He has loads of work to do in terms of his mechanics and ability to read defenses as a passer. Also, he still needs to grow into his frame and he hasn't played against top-flight competition much of his college career. However, he has the size, arm strength, athleticism and work ethic to at least be worthy of a shot in training camp.

    * Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc.

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