23 notable players not invited to NFL combine

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    23 Notable F.B.S. (Formerly Division 1-A) stars that did not receive invites to the 2009 N.F.L. Combine:

    QB Willie Tuitama ~ Arizona

    RB Devin Moore ~ Wyoming

    FB Brock Bolen ~ Louisville

    WR Michael Jones ~ Arizona State

    WR Andy Brodell ~ Iowa

    TE Mark Hafner ~ Houston

    OL Andrew Hartline ~ Central Michigan

    OL Fred Roland ~ Duke

    OL Rich Ohrnberger ~ Penn State

    OL Cedric Dockery ~ Texas

    OL T.J. Lang ~ Eastern Michigan

    KR Aaron Brown ~ Texas Christian

    DL Josh Gaines ~ Penn State

    DL Phillip Hunt ~ Houston

    DL Clinton McDonald ~ Memphis

    DL William Johnson ~ Michigan

    LB Anthony Heygood ~ Purdue

    LB Brian Toal ~ Boston College (Injured)

    LB Frantz Joseph ~ Florida Atlantic

    CB Ellis Lankster ~ West Virginia

    CB DeAngelo Willingham ~ Tennessee

    SS Trimane Goddard ~ North Carolina

    FS Anthony Scirrotto ~ Penn State

    DD.comment: As we noted before, about 40 non-Combine invites can expect to be drafted, if the same trends since 2004 continue. And, if recent history is any guide, the majority of the drafted non-Combine invites will be selected after round four and most will not be big conference prospects who's names are well known to college football fans and seem like obvious "snubs" (i.e. Willie Tuitama or Brad Lester). Instead, they will be most likely be under the radar small school (F.C.S. & D-II) and mid-major stars that turn in eye-popping workouts at their respective Pro Days.

    So, does that mean a "Combine snub" is bad news for most of the bigger school players listed above, who were more thoroughly scrutinized during their college careers than the small schoolers that got significantly less attention from scouts? Probably, because the same dynamics that led to the "Combine snub" (i.e. size, speed & injury concerns) will probably carry over to draft weekend. But all is not lost, even if they are not selected, as in recent years many former Division 1-A stars have gone undrafted and become notable N.F.L. players -- Willie Parker, Wes Welker, Josh Cribbs, Jeff Saturday, Shaun O'Hara, Jason Peters, James Harrison, London Fletcher, Gary Brackett, Antonio Pierce, Ryan Clark, Jim Leonhard, Quintin Mikell, ect.

    Soon, we will make a list of 23 notable small schoolers that did not receive invites to the 2009 N.F.L. Combine.

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    All those players suck.
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    Phillip Hunt had a great career as a pass rusher for the Cougs.

    Scirroto was a pretty good safety for PSU.

    Dockery is a solid OL.

    As far as the rest go.....who knows.

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