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# 238 - 7th Round - Kansas City Jeremy Parquet OT Southern Miss

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Trade from Green Bay

    Chiefs select...Jeremy Parquet OT Southern Miss
  2. Juke99

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    Strengths: Is a mammoth ROT prospect. Has adequate strength but is more of a mauler than anything. Has better lower body strength than upper body strength. He will play with balance and show the ability to mirror and slide as long as he doesn't get over-extended trying to get set against top speed rushers. He is very difficult to disengage from after he has locked on. He plays with good leverage in the running take. Is experienced and technically sound in that area. Takes solid angles and shows good initial pop. Has strong hands and arms. Will lock on, drive his legs and show a consistent ability to finish his blocks. He is clearly a better run blocker than pass protector. He has been a durable and reliable player throughout his career, as well.

    Weaknesses: Is not a good athlete. He can hold up in pass protection against power rushers and athletic high-motor rushers, but speed is what kills him. Will struggle to match up against edge rushers with good speed and athleticism, because he tends to over-extend when he is out-classed by speed, which leads to him getting off-balance and becoming vulnerable to the double move. He does not look smooth and fluid as a space blocker in the running game, either. Finally, while he has good overall size and strength, he clearly is stronger in his lower body than he is in his upper body. He needs to become more powerful up top. Lacks explosiveness in his punch.

    Overall: Parquet redshirted in 2000. He started in one-of-six games played in 2001 before moving into a fulltime starting role as a redshirt sophomore in 2002 and was a fulltime starter throughout his last three seasons at Southern Miss. Parquet is a prospect with great size who has continued to with each season of experience. He is strictly a right tackle prospect, as he is a mammoth OT that engulfs defenders at the point of attack but lacks the ideal mobility and athleticism of a starting left tackle in the NFL. In our opinion, Parquet has the potential to develop into a starter in the NFL, which is why he grades out as a late-Day 1 or early-Day 2 prospects in the upcoming draft

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