2nd team is where we will make alot of headway

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    most teams cant come in with the players that we can on a rotating basis...new england won this way....

    RB - A train and company last year - Eddie George - OVER THE HILL

    TE - Dan Campbell - last year - INJURED Dan Campbell

    C - Gurode - last year - no one

    WR - Price, (READY TO STEP UP)Crayton - last year - bryant, (ROOKIE) crayton, then morgan

    DT - Glover - last year - a nobody

    DE - Spears or Coleman, Ratliff and Canty --last year - coleman, eric O

    LB - Fujita and Burnett - last year - james and a nobody...as a matter of fact James played like a nobody...

    CB - Glenn - last year....rookies....got burned there all year!

    Those are 11 players that will get alot of time each game and will make a big impact on tired 1st stringers...that's where you make your mark in the NFL...like the guy said yesterday...ellis and glover had most of their sacks in the 1st half...depth is a way for us to get an advantage and we are about to see it...AND as you can see this years 2nd string is ALOT BETTER THAN LAST YEAR'S TOO...
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    Yes, that's the idea witH BP. Remember, Belecheck was his D-Coordinator, they have similar ideas. When Parcells announces starting line-up, he always makes sure to mention that it's usually 15 or 16 guys who are actually gona be playing alot.
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    Good post.

    The key to making this work, is to have both the first and second teams play their butts off. This will hopefully run the other teams into the dirt.

    Can't take plays off.

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    i think we are in good shape
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    we have a lot of young, energetic talented players - the big question is whether the coaching staff can be nimble enough to catch mismatches, tiring OL, etc and find the best mix. regardless, merely having guys exploding off the ball throughout the game will simply wear down their offensive lineman. i think we win this game in the fourth quarter, just by the amount of relentless pressure our defense will bring.
    brees will be in bad shape by the end of the game, i guarantee it...

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