2nd Team RB - Dunbar, Randle or Tanner?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Verdict

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    My best guess is that at present (ignoring Dunbar's injury) that the depth chart would look like this:


    I think the first two are roster locks. I think Randle makes the roster because he is a rookie (but not necessarily because he has out played Tanner).

    I think Randle has a lot of upside, but so far he has not been flashing as much ability as I thought he would up to to this point. It would only be a mild upset if Randle got cut based solely on preseason performance. I think Randle's spotty play makes us carry 4 backs into the season. I don't think they will risk having to play him a lot early in the season .... he is not ready.
  2. speedkilz88

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    Randle is not going to be cut. With Dunbar hurt he's likely to be the #2 the next few weeks.
  3. KDM256

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    I would have to say that Dunbar was the 2nd team running back and looked very good this preseason, with Tanner coming in 3rd IMO. Could get interesting these next couple of weeks with preseason winding down and depth charts gets penciled in.

    I agree Randle's Preseason play hasn't been great thus far but I don't think he will see the field much anways unless one of the runningbacks goes down with an injury.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think it kind of depends on what you classify as second team running back. I think Dunbar was the change of pace back and so, he would likely see snaps in a situation in which you had Murray starting and Dunbar coming in for situational plays. However, if Murray got injured, I don't think Dunbar would be the guy who came in to start. I think that guy would be Tanner. He's more of a carry the load capable back and he could probably stand up to the pounding an every down back takes.

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  5. CooterBrown

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    I think you are right about that. There is really no "second string" despite the depth charts you might see. There are the starters, and then there is everybody else, many of whom will play limited rotational or situational roles with the starters.
  6. CowboyStar88

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    I'm not so sure Tanner makes the team. I see them going 3 RB's and that's why Randle has been getting a lot of work. I am not sure what's not impressive about him. He seems to be a high effort guy with decent speed he does have a higher ceiling. I think Tanner lacks vision and with Murray and Dunbar splitting carries and the log jam at other positions I think you go short here.
  7. Big D

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    This is what I mean by saying that I think Tanner is the #2.

    Primary: Murray - Tanner
    Change of Pace: Dunbar - Randle

    We really do have a pretty good stable of RB's but we need to let them work!
  8. links18

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    Tanner and Dunbar aren't even the same type of back.
  9. nake

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    It's hard to envision sneaking a 5th round pick through to the practice squad, so I think that means Randle is a lock for the 53 along with Dunbar and Murray. That makes Tanner the bubble guy, even though he has shown more thus far than Randle, IMO. In the final analysis, Tanner is too good to cut, so I think we carry 4 running backs.
  10. coult44

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    With Dunbar out, we carry 4 RB's easily...
  11. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Lost in the Woods

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    I share this sentiment and think Randle has done well considering he missed earlier sessions.
  12. CowboyStar88

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    I'm not so sure yet. I don't think I agree. I think that 4th spot is going to go to either a safety or a ol/dl or even Tanney. Yes they've kept 4 in the past but that doesn't mean they are a lock for sure to do the same. I think with the injuries at the oline and safety they might go a little heavy there. Personally I think Frampton/Moore would play bigger roles then Tanner based on special teams and potential injuries at Safety. You can always pick up another RB during the season or put tanner or the other rookie on the PS and call them up incase of injury.
  13. coult44

    coult44 Well-Known Member

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    I think Tanner will get a chance this week to make the coaches mind up. If he plays well, or if Randle doesn't, he's in...
  14. CowboyStar88

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    I just think its easier to find a RB during the season to take some snaps then it is to find oline or safety help. Also I don't think Tanner will be scooped up because once the cuts happen there will be a lot of good backs on the street allowing us to put him on the PS. He runs hard but he isn't a good runner and he lacks major vision and when he got his chances in the reg season he didn't do much. I just don't see the importance. I think Dunbar will be back for week one and if Randle finishes up the preseason strong there isn't a big need to go 4 deep
  15. Idgit

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    I could easily see us cutting a 5th rounder if he's outperformed. Or trying to flip one of the bottom two backs for a pick or a player right at cutdowns.

    I do think the team likes Randle a lot, though (I'm not all that high on him), so he's probably got a leg up in that race, even though I think Tanner outperformed him in OAK fairly significantly. If Tanner keeps the pressure up, though, it's going to be a tough call. Keeping 4 RBs is a non-starter in my book, unless we just don't need the position elsewhere, which pretty obviously is not going to be the case.
  16. Fredd

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    despite Randle's lackluster start to being a professional football player, I think he is most like Murray in style...if Murray ever went down, the offense would see a mix of the other RB's, but Randle means that they don't change any scheme with the running game...with the others, it presents a different style (ex: Tanner is more of a bruiser, between the tackles guy while dunbar is more the speed guy to the outside, etc)...I think that they all have a place on the team, especially with NOT carrying a FB
  17. blackbull

    blackbull Well-Known Member

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    Tanner is weak. He had a chance last year with Murray out and he flopped.
  18. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    I read on ESPN that the team likes Dunbar in a role similar to how the Saints use Sproles. If that is the case, then he is essentially in his own role with Murray being backed up by Randle. That then leaves the question of if they want to carry an extra back beyond those two.
  19. Bowdown27

    Bowdown27 Well-Known Member

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    Tanner gets the axe if we don't want to keep 4 rb's. IMO I think we keep all 4 because of Murray past and The current state with DunbarDunbar
  20. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    I think situation will play a part in who is in the game when Murray is out. However I think Murray will carry the bulk of the load.

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