$3,000,000,000 in the stimulus package for these guys???

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by JBond, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Imagine how much porn you could buy with $3 billion.

    The ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee launched an inquiry Tuesday into reports that National Science Foundation officials are using government computers to view pornographic Web sites during working hours.

    In a letter sent to the NSF's inspector general Tuesday, Chuck Grassley requested access to all documents related to the "numerous reports" and seven investigations into "Abuse of NSF IT Resources" -- which are referenced in the agency's 68-page semi-annual report.

    In one instance, the report cites an NSF "senior official" who allegedly spent 20 percent of his work hours "viewing sexually explicit" Web sites -- amounting to a potential loss of $58,000 in employee compensation.

    Grassley has asked the NSF to disclose all "specific reports of investigations, audit reports, evaluations and information supporting the examination of the NSF network drive" by Thursday to "ensure that NSF properly fulfills its mission to strengthen scientific and engineering research, and makes responsible use of the public funding provided for these research disciplines."

    "The semi-annual report raises real questions about how the National Science Foundation manages its resources, and Congress ought to demand a full accounting before it gives the agency another $3 billion in the stimulus bill," Grassley said in the letter obtained by FOX News.

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    Probably just for Research purposes.
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    Well, I guess if they subscribe and pay the monthly fees then it helps the economy. :eek::
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    I have news for you. Coming from my very brief time in gov't IT, you can literally switch out "National Science Foundation" with any other government agency. You would be shocked at the amount of pornographic media and websites in the browser history I found on government laptops. Whenever we found stuff like that we were instructed to just delete it or wipe the history so the user wouldn't get into any trouble.
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    I agree with this. It's not just an NSF thing, it's pretty widespread. I just hope this doesn't negatively influence funding for research that the organization sponsors.

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