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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheFinisher, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Round 1: Evan Engram | TE | Ole Miss

    Round 2: Demarcus Walker | DE | Florida State

    Round 3 : Marcus Maye | S | Florida

    Round 4: Corn Elder | CB | Miami

    Majority of fans would probably scream if we drafted a TE in round 1, but Engram is such a matchup nightmare and I truly believe to be a legit top 20 talent in this class. Having a threat like that screaming up the seam or flaring out of the backfield on play action with the running game we have would be incredible. Not to mention Witten is on the last year of his deal, and I have a feeling he's watching Ware retire and Tony getting cast out thinking his time is also coming to an end. Once you get past the "AHHH NOT ANOTHER TE!!!" and actually think about the added dimension he'd add to our offense as a move piece, he makes a ton of sense. I'd love to give Dak a go-to guy he can grow with. Plus, I'm not in love with any of these edge rushers slotted near our pick and while the DB class is really good, it's extremely deep and we can get contributors in the mid rounds that doesn't experience a huge drop off in talent IMO.

    And since this is now DAK's team, I want to see the FO start bringing in some dogs that are gonna feed off his toughness... Walker, Maye, and Elder are 3 of the grittiest in this class
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    I dont want it but I can see it happening [Engram]. Now I like DWalker i think his a 5 tech and were pretty good there.
    Maye OK / Elder dont know much about.
    Thanks its reasonable
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  3. reddyuta

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    I love it,i think Maye may go before Walker but i like all 4 guys.
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  4. timb2

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    I have reworked the NFL Draft. I mocked all 7 rounds and here is what I have for the Cowboys.

    1st round-Taco Charlton DE Michigan

    Reason-we need a pass rusher and Charlton fits the mold we like big and tall who can also slide inside if we need him too. Charlton came up big in big games. He can dominate at times and my hopes he would be a monster againist our rivals.

    2nd-Fabian Moreau CB UCLA

    Reason-Fast corner with very good size. ran a 4.35 at the combine.

    3rd -Adam Shaheen TE Ashland

    reason-A Jason Witten clone. Will give our division rivals headaches. Also has good size as a blocker.

    4th-Tedric Thompson S Colorado

    reason-Thompson can cover but also is a very good hitter. You wonldnt miss JJ Wilcox that much if Thompson ends up the starter at SS.

    No 5th

    6th-Nick Callender OT Colorado State

    reason-This guy has great feet and he surprised at his pro day,but he is an unknown still. He could probably play anywhere on the o-line and he will get a crack at RT vs other competitors in Chaz Green,Emmitt Cleary ,and Clay Debord

    7th round-Josh Thornton CB Southern Utah

    reason-This guy is rumored to be very fast and he has good size,but he probably is raw vs low level competition and not sure of his background history if he has off field baggage,but a 7th round is worth the gamble.
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    They talked about Engram on the draft show on Dallascowboys.com. They think that is too high for him. It looks to me like they would take one of the corners in round 1 and take a safety or the tackle from Western Michigan in round 2. That is the way that it seems the draft will come to them.
  6. Macnalty

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    Hard to judge the mock as it depends on who was available at pick 28 when they decided on Engram. I think he is worthy of the pick on his own but in context that would change.

    Adam Shaheen TE is a Rico type TE all size and not much football IQ, I think one TE project on the team is enough.
  7. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Engram and Walker as our first two picks would pretty much depress me, no offense Finisher.
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  8. rambo2

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    I'd bet money that Engram is not the pick.
  9. TheFinisher

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    None taken
  10. Daillest88

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    This would an excellent draft doubt Fabian lasts to the 2nd tho
  11. CATCH17

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    I don't see how Fabian Moreau could fall like that.

    He is the total package at corner.
  12. darthseinfeld

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    I dont think they are big on small school guys anymore
  13. Macnalty

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    I agree between all things being equal the talent that played against higher competition is generally better. Rico will be a great story if he becomes viable.

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