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    1. Timmy Jernigan | DT | Florida State

    This just continues to make too much sense for me, especially now with the signing of Melton. I've pimped Jernigan here for a while now, summing it up he's a grown *** man who can bring a physical presence to the interior of our defense and a nasty attitude along with it. If this defense is going to live and die by it's defensive line, I want some dogs in our trenches. Jernigan is just that.

    2. Kareem Martin | DE | North Carolina

    It was only a matter of time before Martin's stock rose, guys with those measurables and production simply don't slide too far. He seems to be a similar player to Quinton Coples and could really provide some of that edge presence we're lacking at the moment. Adding Martin to our current DE rotation of Crawford, Mincey and Selvie gives us a pretty deep group to work with, combined with the two lead dogs in the middle Jernigan and Melton. This is a DL I can get excited about.

    3. Deone Bucannon | S | Washington State

    I think there's some flux at the Safety position and some of the other guys seem to have supplanted Bucannon. I wasn't real keen on him as a 2nd Round option but sign me up if he drops to the 3rd. He ran in the 4.4s at the combine and displayed better athleticism than some were expecting. He's an instinctive, physical presence who could really thrive in this kind of defense, and at the same time could help provide some stability at the safety position which has been our achiles heel for years. I'd feel a lot more confident knowing there was a 3 man battle in TC between he, Wilcox and CHurch.

    4. Storm Johnson | RB | Central Florida

    Out of the mid round backs in this class, I think Johnson is being a big overlooked. He was a big time recruit for the U who wind up finding his stride this past season at UCF posting nearly 1,200 yards and 14 TDs. I think his best football is in front of him and with his blend of size, speed and vision I think could be a fantastic chance of pace with Murray and fits in perfectly with our running scheme. He's also a guy that can carry the load which with Murray's health questions, is something I was looking for in these rounds.

    5. Kevin Norwood | WR | Alabama

    Norwood is another guy I feel is being a little underappreciated, and seeing how he keeps checking off boxes throughout the process he's now a guy I'm zeroing in on in these middle rounds if I'm the Cowboys. We lack a 3rd receiver who can play on the outside, I think Norwood can provide that and more in 3 and 4 WR sets. He's a tall, smooth, natural pass catcher who made a lot of clutch plays for Alabama over the years.

    7. John Urschel | OG | Penn State

    Genius level IQ and a guy who is praised throughout PSU's program for his hard work, leadership and practice habits. At this point in the draft, he's someone I'd be willing to bring in because learning about what kind of kid he's someone I want on the team. Doesn't hurt that we have no interior depth to speak of.

    7. Aaron Colvin | CB | Oklahoma

    Talented player who hurt himself during Senior Bowl week, but was climbing the draft board prior to. After our top 3 CBs it's up in the air, can't hurt to bring in a battle tested CB to try and steal a job.

    7. Bruce Gaston | DT | Purdue

    One of my favorite sleepers. Gaston formed a really nice tandem with Kawann Short last season and was thought of as a top 100 player entering this season, but with a change in defensive philosophy to a 3-4 he saw his talents wasted at 5-tech. He has some quickness and disruptability to his game as both a run defender and pass rusher, if he lands in the right situation like Dallas I think he could become a nice role player..
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    Good draft. I would be thrilled with the first two picks.
  3. DFWJC

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    Love going at the trenches,

    But Storm Johnson in the 6th or 7th ....maybe
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    Leche Seastrunk is the only RB I would want and would take him in the third round. Arron Colvin is not going to slide past the fourth round.
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    Good draft except rd 3
    By picking bucanon you are picking a player who does not offer much more upside than Wilcox in his second year and pass on players like Brandon Thomas: Bitonio/ turner who could start in our OL this year

    You also picked only 3 players in rd 7 while we will have at least 5 picks
    I would trade those 2 to go into rd 6 and pick Ben gardener (de)
  6. supercowboy8

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    Terrible. You took a 1 tech in the 1st when the entire front office said you don't take a 1 tech in the 1st round. Reason why they passed on Floyd last year.
    Then you draft Bucannon. We have enough mid round safeties and don't need another SS. Should be a better player that can help us more at that pick.

    Like the Martin pick but that's about it

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