3/20 Mock

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    1st Round- Kony Ealy DE Mizzu- Ealy isn't my #1 choice, but with Donald climbing boards and not looking all that likely at 16 the best pass rushing DE seems like Jerry's most likely choice. Ealy has prototypical 4-3 DE size and length with superb athleticism as well. He's a bit of a project now, but his ceiling is as high as any players.

    2nd Round- Davante Adams WR Fresno St- Some of these extremely talented WR's have to drop, its just a sheer #'s game. Adams isn't a burner but at 6'1 215 with great ball skills he should be a very productive NFL WR. Insane college #'s say a lot, even if they came against inferior competition.

    3rd Round- Joel Bitonio G Nevada- Successful college LT who should transition great to G in a ZBS. Good size with long arms and was one of the best athletes of any O-lineman at the combine aside from the 3 top T's.

    4th Round- Caraun Reid DT Princeton- Stocky and strong but extremely quick off the ball. Can play either the 1 or 3, either way he does a great job shoot gaps and getting in the backfield.

    5th Round- Justin Ellis DT La Tech- Huge beast of a man at 326 with the quickness of someone much smaller. Fast off of the snap and can walk guards back with his strength. Even if just a rotational player he should be a force.

    7th Round- James Morris LB Iowa- Very Productive Big 10 LB who brings toughness to the field. Could be a very good ST player and valuable backup.

    7th Round- Pierre Warren FS Jacksonville State- 6'1 200 lbs and had 5 INT's and 12 pass breakups last year. Athletic enough to take a look.

    7th Round- George Atkinson III RB Notre Dame- 6'1 220 with 4.4 speed and not much tread on his tires. Worth a look in camp as well. Kick returner
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    good draft

    you only picked 3 in rd 7 but we will have at least 5 picks, 2 of which we can trade since they are not comp picks

    trade those for a rd 6 pick and take Ben Gardner , DE and that makes it an even better draft
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    Yeah I've been doing that in pretty much every mock I've done. I'm a huge Gardner fan
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    I personally hope the top 3 picks go defense.
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    I like it. While yes, I would like to see more defensive players in the first 3 picks, I still believe in the BPA scenario. And if it's a WR and a guard in rounds 2 & 3, then so be it.
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    I really believe there is going to be either a really good WR or RB still left in the 2nd and Jerry won't pass on that player. And I can't say I would too angry if we were to get Adams, Allen Robinson, Tre Mason, or Carlos Hyde

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