3-4 Looks from Last Year

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Jul 13, 2005.

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    Hey guys (and girls), quick post before I go to bed... I almost hate to post this because it could become another 3-4/4-3 endless thread like we've seen a million times, and we don't need another one. But:

    Has anyone looked at last year's tapes to see exactly what personnel we used in our rare 3-4 looks last year? I don't have many games from last year -- I usually erase the losses -- but I noticed a couple in the ones I do have.

    Against the Eagles, we played Ellis LE, Glover NT, Ogbagu RE, with Kalen Thornton standing up at ROLB on the edge. This is more a nickel formation and the look I remember most from Parcells' Giants days, with LT playing what is really like a 4-3 rush defensive end, but standing up.

    Against the Giants, we played Ellis LE, Carson NT (just subbing for Glover), Wiley RE, backed up by Thornton LOLB, Dat LILB, James RILB, Shanle ROLB. This is more of a standard formation with the OLBs almost on the line, playing almost like a 5-2. I hadn't really noticed Shanle on the outside and James on the inside when the game was live. (I may have been turning my head at this eyesore of a game.)

    Anyone know of any others we played? Like I say, please let's not make this another of THOSE threads... I'm just curious about the roles Parcells may have in mind for the holdovers.

    One thing I already think I have been wrong about... I thought Ware would probably put his hand on the ground as a 43 end in obvious passing situations, like the Ravens have done with Suggs. But a closer look at what we did at times last year (plus the Ware video on Yahoo) makes me think Ware will be standing up like Thornton -- and LT -- was.

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