3 FF Questions: Jamal Lewis, Browns Receivers, Cowboys Sleepers

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jun 28, 2004.

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    3 quick questions that will affect these players' production this season in fantasy football:

    * Were the drug charges against Jamal Lewis ever dropped? If not, and he beats them, will he still get suspended by the NFL? How many games are we looking at with him not playing?

    * Anyone follow the Browns closely? Any tips on who you think will be Garcia's favorite target? Andre Davis or Quincy Morgan? Or should I maybe bank on Kellen Winslow?

    * It's hard to predict what will happen with my home team but who do you look at as a sleeper on the Cowboys? I'm actually thinking Keyshawn Johnson might be a sleeper of sorts and put up bigger #'s than people are predicting.
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    From Pro Football Talk last week:


    Despite our report from Tuesday that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti plans to try to reverse the team's image as the NFL's real-life version of Playmakers, we're hearing that the organization is very confident that running back Jamal Lewis will be exonerated of pending federal drug charges.

    Though the trial could start in August while the team is getting ready for the 2004 season, the thinking is that the evidence against Lewis is flimsy, and that the case is an example of overly zealous prosecutors hoping to make a name for themselves by snaring a big fish.

    Part of the problem is that one of the key witnesses against Lewis has a checkered past, and that the case otherwise seems to be based upon relatively flimsy circumstantial evidence.

    Lewis has at all times expressed confidence regarding his ultimate acquittal. Still, there's always a possibility that Lewis will draw a jury that decides to connect the dots in a manner that results in a conviction -- even if he's truly innocent.

    #2 - Dont Know at all!

    #3 - I think Keyshawn will get a lot of catches - 5-6 a game, but not a ton of yards 850 -950 would be my guess, and very few TD's - under 5.
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    I think Lewis will play the whole season and have a big year.

    The Browns still have a team? Just kidding. DOn't follow them close enough to know.

    Call me a homer on this one but I think Julius Jones will have a huge impact on the team this year. IF he is available at the end of the first round or top of the second and all of the super stud RBs are gone then I take him. Even if he is there when I pick in the second and I already have a top RB from the first round. HE will get lots of carries in BPs offense. Now any of you in my league, don't read this. (This note probably belongs at the top) :D
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    1. Charges werent dropped but have little chance of hurting Lewis beyond taking time away from practice/workouts. Lewis is still a top 10 overall.

    2. Morgan should step up big time. Winslow should be as good as Shockey as a rookie, i.e. very productive as a WR type TE.

    3. I'd snag the dallas QB which should be QC but you should know for sure by draft day as a 3rd QB. The yardage should improve a bit and the INTs should be lower in the ball control offense. Witten and Anderson should proivde nice goalline options which means they as well as the QB could be sleepers in leagues where they otherwise might not even be drafted at all.

    Julius Jones, Cundiff and the Dallas defense are the only Boys I'd rank as starters and Julius only as a 3rd RB/WR type.

    KJ if you get 1 point per catch. Not at all if it is heavy TD based with middling points for yards but nothing on receptions. Glenn would be better in the latter scenario.

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