News: 3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus On Romo, Priorities & Playoffs

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Jan 2, 2013.

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    If you’re the GM of this team, are you trying to evaluate Tony Romo in terms of possibly replacing him, or do you learn towards the side of giving him more help?

    Broaddus: I am trying to get him help. I know that might not be the most popular answer and I can understand why people are mad at him but if that is the case, you haven’t watched the whole season. I am trying to develop more weapons on the outside, I am trying to build a better offensive line so he is not running for his life every other pass. I am trying to find a way to get another back behind DeMarco Murray so when he gets hurt for six games that the offense can still run the ball. Tony Romo made some poor decisions against the Redskins but give them credit too for forcing him into some of those decisions. I have been with this team when it didn’t have a quarterback and that situation got a lot of men fired. We were not ready in 2000 when Troy Aikman moved on to the broadcast booth, with that being said, I am looking very hard at this draft and working to try and find a quarterback that can step in when that time comes but until then, I am finding him help.

    As we stand right now, can you give us a position on this team that should be the highest priority to change next year?

    Broaddus: I know that everyone is yelling for offensive linemen and I understand your concern but pull out you depth chart and talk to me about this defensive line. It’s the one position that has the most age to it. With age, you have players that breakdown and we are starting to see that now. You lost an outstanding player when Josh Brent’s life changed forever and he was a young guy but he is now gone. Look at Kenyon Coleman, Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff even include Jason Hatcher. Veteran guys with wear and tear on their bodies. Behind those guys are Tyrone Crawford,
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    Wow !!! How many more weapons do Romo need !! No team have everything stack on all sides of the ball man. Romo just didn't get the job done when the spot light was on him. Like I said I'm not mad at Romo for not getting the job done I'm just tires watching the guy turn the ball over all the worsf moments .

    At this point this is a joke. More weapons braddus ??
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    To answer that question without getting into a "no romo" "yes romo" argument.

    He has two reliable weapons in Dez and Witten. Dez turned it up in the second half and Witten came along slow but then exploded.

    Then you look at the rest of the offense, and you have a weak offensive line which had struggles at the center position for quite some time this season and a right side that couldn't get the job done. There is Smith, and he played an important role in learning the left side and improved as the season went on. Murray has been injured all season and the backup RBs were no help. So all-in-all the answer to your question bolded is, 2. Both skill positions, and nothing really in the trenches. Again, not trying to start an argument here, just answering that question which I think there is a pretty general consensus on them and their level of play this year. There is also Miles, but he has been pretty bad this year as far as making game changing catches when we needed him too and he can't for some reason stay on the field. Again, if there is any talk about getting past 8-8, our trenches have to be fixed on both sides of the ball, especially with the type of plays we run and the scheme they present on offense. It's the base of both sides of the ball.
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    Yea and Broaddus are correct we can build a better team. I just cant excuse that last interception and chunk it off as this team was weak. The team wasnt so weak when we was getting W's during our winning streak. Romo was not throwing those picks then. So what change??

    We knew this team needed help on the oline, dline, and with safety.. That still does not excuse your qb erratic play this season.
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    I'm not excusing it, but we are not going to get to the Super Bowl using this scheme without a decent oline. The plays are simply to long developing to get away with, without a decent oline. I'm making notice at the scheme and what it requires to be successful. Romo ***'d up, everybody knows this, but you give props to the skins for playing the game right and running it up the gut on offense and blitzing the whole time knowing no adjustments were being made. These things make QBs make mistakes and force turnovers, things we can't seem to do on defense. Again, not excusing Romos play, but I am making note that if this team, using this style of play wants any chance in the playoffs, they are gonna have to do better than 8-8 during the regular season. We can't have all of our playoff berths dependent on whether the team wins in week 17 on the road. It's unlikely and there are already to many factors stacked against you at this point. And yes the team was weak during the regular season and was winning despite the JV squad they were playing with over and over again. The OL has been a problem for a while, it should have been handled long ago.
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    Yeah it was. That's why every win came down to a last ditch effort in the final seconds. They were winning despite their glaring weaknesses.
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    A HOF tight end. A potential HOF receiver. Another 1,000 yard receiver. What does he need around him, exactly?
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    Probably an OL, like all other QBs need.

    I dare say Romo is the only QB in recent history, maybe even ever, who has suffered a broken bone in 4 out of 5 seasons.
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    Any semblance of an OL and a running game.
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    A defense that forces a turnover once every blue moon couldn't hurt, either.
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    Dline has to be the #1 priority or the Skins will be running all over the Cowboys again next year.

    The have not paid much attention to the position over the last three/four years and it has to change this offseason.

    Give me two in the draft (first five rds) and at least another in FA.
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    None of that matters without an OL. The Redskins have nothing close to what we have at the skill positions...from a talent standpoint. But week in and week out they found a way to score 30 points. Teams don't blitz them at will. Their QB has played with little to no pressure in his face all year. THey have a scheme that neutralizes all of these big time pass rushers in the NFC East. Defeneses are constantly on their heels and playing the guessing game. Yet all I hear people complain about is how a QB that threw for almost 5000 yards needs to be upgraded. Perhaps what we are doing on offense needs to be upgraded?
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    An offensive line who doesn't let a jail break happen almost every 3rd down.

    How many plays did they have a blitz right up the gut where 1-2 players came untouched?
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    ...Austin a reliable weapon. His injury situation is becoming alarming somewhat since his big signing.

    If you can't stay on the football field you can't be a football player. Simple as that.

    Far better for Romo to have reliable and durable guys who are where they are suppose to be. I call it the Patriots formula. A bunch of no name WR who run good routes and "do their job".

    Ones a QB can trust. You don't need (5) Randy Mosses on your team. You don't even need one. You can win with (5) Rod Smiths or (5) David Pattens.

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