3 Round Mock (WAR)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Aliencowboy, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Projected to pick between 15-20

    Round 1 Targets
    *Chance Warmack OG moves well and is stout. Worth it if he falls to Dallas. Put him next to Tyrone for the next 8 years.
    Jesse Williams NT/DE - young, fast and powerful. 3 down NT > Jenkins
    Brett Jones C -yes he plays many positions, solid but not potential to be elite.
    Trade Back- not any right tackles that will step in and be better than Free.
    Pick: Chance Warmack

    Round 2 Targets
    Dallas Thomas OT
    DJ Fluker OT/OG
    Larry Warford OG
    Zach Ertz TE

    Pick: *Larry Warford OG is there and we take him. He's athletic, can pull and get to the next level.

    Round 3:
    Travis Frederick: C/G-
    Khaled Holmes C
    leVon Bell RB
    Montee Ball RB

    Pick: LeVon Bell RB (6'2 244-guy is awesome and brings attitude to the running game. We need a back up to Murray)

    Can't get everything, but this would give us a great run game with WARford and WARmack with LEVON BELL and Murray. It keeps the D off the field and Romo will be deadly. Free and Costa will play better.

    OT Tyrone OG Warmack C Costa OG Warford OT Free
  2. Aliencowboy

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    LeVon Bell is a horse.

    I could live with that draft.

    If available, I would prefer Dallas Thomas over Warford; although, I do think Warford is really good.

    In the 3rd, if Khalad Holmes is available, it would be very difficult to pass on him. He is very underrated, IMO.
  4. LatinMind

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    Dallas doesnt have a tyrone playing T. lol Tyron
  5. RS12

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    Gonna need a D Lineman with one of those picks, preferably one who can push the pocket. Keep an eye on Sheldon Richardson ad Sharif Floyd.
  6. JackWagon

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    at 244 is Bell going to be able to outrun LBs in the NFL? i dunno ...
  7. robert70x7

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    He can probably run some of them over. I'm tired of seeing this team in shotgun in 3rd and short situations. I loved what they did with the 3 TE sets yesterday and Bell would give us a bruiser for these situations as well as keep Murray off the field and ergo more chances for him to stay healthy.

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