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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rash, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I would love to see Callahan throw in some 3 TE sets early and often--either in a shotgun empty, singleback trips, or even dual TE backfield formation. No doubt will the offense find mismatches upon the utilization of such a strategy--particularly in short distance situations.

    Witten, Hannah, and Escobar may very well form a formidable group for this upcoming year. However, being that the mentality of any franchise with the genuine desire to get to the top ought to be to improve day in and day out in whatever means necessary, don't you guys think we should take a look at Aaron Hernandez (if he gets off)? Certainly the acquisition of a player with his skill-set will improve on what already exists at the moment in the TE department. If you can find a way to improve, and you are not breaking the bank and you are not hindering the financial situation of some future date, then by all means go out and get a guy that can help you improve!

    What do you guys say?

    Yes to more 3 TE sets?
    Yes to signing Hernandez?

    Or no to both?
  2. Wulfman

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    You will see more 3-TE sets this year, based on OTAs and mini-camp. They call it their "13" personnel package, and it's run predominantly with a single back and a single WR or with two backs (for short yardage looks). One of the adaptions they used was really interesting, where they lined up with 3 TEs and two backs (one was a 4th TE lined up in a FB position), and then shifted so that the FB and one of the TEs went out wide at the last second.

    Think about having your short yardage package in (with lots of big guys on the line) on 3rd and 1 as a defensive coordinator facing that package, then seeing Escobar and Hanna shift out wide right before the snap. Your corners may be able to handle Hanna and Escobar one-on-one, but you now have a bunch of big guys in the middle trying to cover both Witten and Rosario down the middle, as well as the back coming out of the backfield. Twice that I know of, they did that shift during mini-camp. The first time, they threw to Witten down the middle for a TD. The second time, the defense called timeout before they could get the snap off. Either result is a good one on game day.

    And you really want to look at a guy who is in such deep legal trouble that he has been cut by the Pats within 90 minutes of his arrest in connection with a killing?!? REALLY?!?

    I don't even want to see him in the same state.
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  3. TheRomoSexual

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    Oh for crying out loud, can we please stop talking about Hernandez? Even if he does get off (which I doubt), we are talking about a trial for obstruction of justice and first degree murder that will likely take years to resolve.
  4. rash

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    Folks we are talking about winning football here! Hernandez will help us win games! You sign the guy and don't look back.
  5. Wulfman

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    And just how is he going to help anyone win games behind bars, man?!? Get real. The guy is a knucklehead. So pass on him, and don't look back.
  6. Bowdown27

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    Hernandez has been charged with murder and 5 gun charges. I think he's not going to be on a team any time soon
  7. Doomsday101

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    3 TE sets in short yardage sure outside of that why sacrifice the WR's or RB
  8. rash

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    I can see him getting himself out of this turmoil and turning his life around. I'm sure he is not a bad human being and can be the right kind of guy. Go Jerry! Go get em!!!
  9. xwalker

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    Check out the OP's post history. It would be surprising if he didn't suggest signing Hernandez.
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  10. ringmaster

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    I like what they"re trying to accomplish here with this set and it gives defenses alot to think about on the field the only way this works out and it sounds like a broken record the play of the o-line .

    As for signing Hernandez that would an emphatic no the guy is in huge legal hot water for his possible invovlement in the murder of another human being.
  11. iceman117

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    I like our 3 TEs... I don't want anything to do with Hernandez and whoever does just isn't that intelligent
  12. big dog cowboy

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    He will be the oldest player in the league by the time he gets out of jail.
  13. Idgit

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    Who do you think would win in a gun fight between Aaron Hernandez and Akwazi Owusu-Ansah? Also, which of them would win a game of Wheel of Fortune if either one of them needed to buy a vowel? Good stuff.
  14. BrassCowboy

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    this has to be a joke.... just looking for the punchline
  15. jobberone

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    I love the discussion about the 13 including its variants.

    The Hernandez thing not so much.

    I can't look at the coaches film where I am right now but I think I saw some 13 out of an unbalanced line. Anyone know for sure?

    I expect a fair amount of 12 and 13 this year and don't be surprised to see Rosario or Hanna as an H Back in these formations. This really puts pressure on the LBs and DBs. Not sure what the benefits of an unbalanced line are beyond the obvious but I wonder if it causes the D to have to at least shift to that side. I've seen some plays to the F Back in the 12 with an unbalanced line and a fake to block on the SLB then slipping out creates a huge problem for the D. Works great in the RZ from 5-10 yds out.
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  18. conner01

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    by the time he serves his life sentence for murder i don't think he will help us much.
  19. conner01

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    and thats assuming he gets out of jail alive. he very well could be facing the death penalty
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  20. starfrombirth

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    Good God NO!!! What's wrong with you? If he didn't pull the trigger, he knows who did. What kind of moral compass do you have to be able to look past that and he is now being investigated with a double homicide from last year.

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