3 years, 3 Play Callers and 3 DCs

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. BrAinPaiNt

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    Something to consider.

    Jason Garrett, Bill Callahan and now Scott Linehan
    Rob Ryan, Monte Kiffin and now Rod Marinelli

    I have seen a few posters say that the HC is doing a good job we just need better players?

    Why do we have 3 different play callers and three different DCs in 3 years if we just need better players?

    I have seen posters say that the Offense is not the problem...

    If the offense is not the problem and it is only the defense that is the problem...Why do we have 3 different play callers in three years?

    Stop, Look and listen.

    The defense is not the only problem. The HC is not doing a great job.

    We would not be going through three important positions on both sides of the ball if those two things were ok.
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  2. noshame

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    Honestly, I'm beginning to believe Jerry is setting the stage for a new "big name" coach and a blue chip QB. Looking at our schedule, he may get there.
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  3. DBOY3141

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    Things haven't been good in quite awhile and I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel that it will change anytime soon. Next year I see the whole coaching staff being change and the circle of life will continue.
  4. Alexander

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    All this speaks to is that Jerry Jones is grasping at straws to justify Garrett's continued presence.

    I have little to no doubt that the general thinking with him and Stephen Jones is that the talent is just fine and the coaching (but not Garrett) has been the problem.
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  5. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    That implies a plan. I would be amazed if there is one.
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  6. stasheroo

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    Just, thanks.

    I really appreciated reading that.
  7. WPBCowboysFan

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    If there is a positive, it is that we are not content with the results and we are making changes in an attempt to improve. Would anyone want to have been going into next season with Rob Ryan and Red _ doing the same thing?

    Your point is well taken and not being disputed here. We have Red J for next year. Maybe the change will make a difference. It would make little sense to have a repeat of last year.
  8. noshame

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    Jerry covering all his bases.
    We do well, he crows about picking Garrett. We do poorly, Jason brought in the wrong people. Jerry wins, (in his mind)
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  9. ninja

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    I'm not sure which game it was after (maybe the GB game), but Jerry made the comment or it was overheard by him that he needs to go 'to the alternative' or something like that. I believe we are seeing the beginning of 'the alternative.' We will see in about a month with Ware and his contract and whether he is June 1st cut or outright cut in March. I'm assuming he balks at a significant pay cut. I also think 2014 might be the last playing year of Romo (June 1st cut in 2015) along with Garrett and the entire coaching staff after this year. We've all had enough of this core group (Ware, Romo, Austin, Witten, Carr) and it is time to move on. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys tried to trade Claiborne and Carter. The product is stale, the buyers want something new.
  10. CATCH17

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    We are making the bare minimum changes.

    Dallas needs a complete culture change.
  11. Gaede

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    An impartial viewer would see this turmoil and consider it disorganized, chaotic.

    Some fans view it as just trying to get the right fit. But a good organization considers their standards and skills and the 'right fit' in the hiring process. That is, they know what they want in an employee and who will work out and that is how they succeed in finding the right employees.

    It seems like we just go out and hire either a friend of Jerry's/Lacewell or Garrett's
  12. Risen Star

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    To believe this you have to believe our decision makers can't be wrong. Have fun with that.

    Whoever decided Rob Ryan and his scheme was a problem last year was laughably wrong. That was proven this year in New Orleans.

    I think the turnover has more to do with a GM and Director of Personnel who can't evaluate talent, have no idea of the real issues on the team, and merely use their coaching staff, which they have no respect for, as a scapegoat. It's easier to blame them for failing to use the talent then it is to admit they failed to give them the talent.

    They can't replace themselves in the offseason. But they can turn over the coaching staff and create a perception that they're trying to address the issues on this team. Gives some fans hope for the next season.
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  13. Aven8

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    I agree with this. Yes, we've made changes, but the main cog is still here. The players might "try" real hard, but they seem comfortable to me. I want my team uncomfortable, and on edge again. Whole new shift in philosophy and a plan on how to get there.
  14. Risen Star

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    And that's another thing. The culture. That doesn't come from Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones creates that.

    It's pretty hard to win in this league when you're coaching a flawed roster in an environment where you have no real authority as a head coach. But if you don't, heads will roll in the offseason. It's the new Cowboy way.
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  15. daveferr33

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    Last year Larry Lacewell, explaining the firing of Ryan and the hiring of Kiffen, said, to wit: "we tried it Jason's way..." I found the comment revealing.

    I think for a brief period, Jerry allowed the "process" to take shape, but when it didn't produce any results, he had what can only be described as "the offseason of Jerry"--stripping Jason of playcalling duties, firing Rob, and hiring Kiffen.

    2013 proved those moves to be a disaster and should put to rest once and for all the notion that Jerry can be an effective GM. Now Jerry is allowing Jason to tweak his staff, but with a few caveats: you can't fire anyone and no, you can't go back to calling plays.

    Just rampant speculation on my part, by the way.
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  16. Idgit

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    I don't think it's fair to lay the playcalling changes on the HC. He was asked to make that change last year, and didn't like the result. But it's just playcalling and not the offensive system we're talking about, anyway.

    The defensive changes have been the result of a mistake in judgement and are on the HC as far as I'm concerned, though the owner probably played a role there, too. This has been discussed.

    The offensive and defensive production speak for themselves. Draw whatever conclusions you choose.

    Nobody has said the organization does not have problems, and we're all free to decide for ourselves what they are. Personally, I think that answer is obvious, too, and it's not the HC, but I've already made that pretty clear in other related threads. I guess we'll see, eventually how much better things get under someone not named Garrett, Phillips, Parcels, Gailey, or Campo.

    I got a good feeling about this next guy.
  17. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    That is exactly who the message is intended for. Those who believe that we really are just this talented, Garrett is the right coach for this organization and that we are just a player or two (or a better assistant coach) away.

    It is a message of hope and change. This time it will work. Honest.
  18. DBOY3141

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    Don't think you can really put Carr as the "core group", he just finished his 2nd year with the team. I don't see anyone being traded, as Tony Dungy said, it takes 3 years to get this system down, I think JJ gives it 2.
  19. dragon_mikal

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    You're going to be very disappointed.
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  20. yentl911

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    I am a big fan of consistency but we have not had that. This year at least we will be staying the the same basic defense from a scheme standpoint so the learning curve should be minimal. Even though we may have a new OC I still see JG with his hands all over this offense and I doubt much will change even though I think we could be a decent power running football team barring injury which would limit the D's exposure.

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