3 years, 3 Play Callers and 3 DCs

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I know what the thread is about and not only does the play-calling suck, so does the scheme. If neglecting a pro-bowl 1,100 yard rushing RB is a weak argument, I see why you easily accept 8-8 with this scheme and play-calling. I repeat, any scheme or sequence of play calls that leads to Romo passing 32+ times is a flawed scheme and game plan period, that only gets us closer to losing. It's been proven.
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    Oh...I hadn't realized it had been proven.
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    It hasn't been disproved either :D

    You know my stance, the scheme could be better. The play-calling is a product of lack of talent, injuries and scheme. No one is really at fault there, it is what it is and played the way the cards were dealt. Now, the situational play-calling needs to get better IMO.
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    I'm not going to go too far out for the offensive scheme itself, either. I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind it, it's capable of producing, but I enjoy watching other schemes better.
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    I would like for a reporter with "lower parts" to have a sit-down with Jerry, and ask this man who is his team. What is his philosophy? Because honestly, all I think he's doing is doing something to keep the fans coming. He's not making real changes that will help us win, just keep plugging up holes like a leaky roof.
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    Can someone please explain to me what an "insult-cum-argument" is?
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    Why does it always take '3 years' around here? That 3 years has turned into nearly 2 decades.
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    Well, you'd be wrong. Look at how many games Brady threw over 32 passes a game. Look at how many games they seemed to run the ball more.

    But all that shows is you're wrong to think the NFL game doesn't get 'pass happy' a lot. It doesn't address the reason we throw the ball so much. All you have to do is look at how many points we scored and how that compared to the rest of the league then go look at how many points we gave up. That is the reason why we passed the ball so much. There was no trust the defense would or could stop their opponent. Considering who they had to throw out there to play I can't say I blame them.

    Having said that I personally felt there were games where we should have run the ball more like the GB game for one. The Detroit game last year.

    And the problem with that is when we have tried to run the clock out and lost because our defense couldn't stop the other team and we still lost like the NE game awhile back.

    So there is a core group here who make noise when we run, don't score, and the defense allows the other team to catch us and win. And they make noise if we don't run and the other team catches us and we lose. In fact they complain pretty much about anything and everything. That's their right as a fan. Basically, if they just say I'm sick and tired of losing then I'd jump on the bandwagon with them.

    I didn't address the 'drunk owner', changing coaches, and all the other reasons thrown out there. The core reason we didn't succeed last year was our defense tried to play football with too many marginal and substandard players due to injuries.

    I've been on the fence about Garrett for years. I'm still on the fence. I've thought Jerry needed to step down as GM long ago. So I'm no apologist for either of them.
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    What the hell does Brady have to do with Dallas? Last I checked NE DIDNT have a core of game quitters Their mentally offensively and defensively isn't defeatist like ours. What they eat don't make us crap!! You should be ashamed to even compare the two franchises and their completely opposite makeup.

    I never said this wasn't a pass happy league, what I said was we aren't a team that can pass our way to wins consistently enough to ever be considered a contender. There is only one reason why we pass so much and it has to do with JJs agenda to prove his $100m QB can win big with his arm as well as Garrett/Callahan/romo belief that the run game is a necessary evil. They (JJ/ROMO/Garrett/Callahan) don't believe in it or a true commitment to it and that's why we pass so much. We've passed in every conceivable situation, winning by 2 scores, never trailing, down 1 score, etc etc etc and the end result is more passing even when the run game has been successful.

    I have been consistent since week 1 with my call for giving Murray more carries so don't put me on your fantasy box of noise maker when we do run and it fails. Last I checked in 2013 that only happened once vs DET & our featured back didn't participate.

    The defense is a scapegoat for your opinion. There were plenty of games where the defense did their job enough for the run game to be utilized (KC, MIN, GB, SD, I can go on) & impact the game to keep said poor defense off the field and what happened? More passes is what happened. Just a win in two of those neglected run games and maybe were in the postseason and that falls on the passing game and not the defense. They didn't play 16 games of poor defense, it didn't happen.

    You look at points all you want and I see a defense that put them in short field more this year and Dwanye Harris STs play giving the offense great field position to score more than previous years. I also know we didn't sustain drives well because of an inconsistent passing game that led to our poor defense playing more than necessary. That's on the passing offense too.

    And for the record, if Linehan comes in and doesn't give Murray 20+ carries (no less than 18 going into the 4th) then 8-8 is to be expected again because Romo can win with his arm and his primary TE reads.
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    Well, alrighty then. :D

    The defense gave up something like 429 points. Hard to get around that.

    Most people here understand the need to run the ball more effectively and have said so for years.

    Your opinions are noted.

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