30 day heart monitor

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by chip_gilkey, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Anyone ever have to have one of these? I have been having some weird loss of breath/palpitations for several years now and my Dr. finally advised me to use one. I am one week in and it is kind of annoying but not as intrusive as you'd think.

    It just looks like a large pager or something that clips on your belt and then has two electrodes on your body. It isn't even noticeable as long as your shirt is long enough to cover the device clipped on your belt. Calling in the recordings is the weirdest part. You put the device up to the phone (has to be a landline) and then is sends this noise through the phone and their computer analyzes it.

    Anyway just thought I'd check to see if anyone else has ever had to use one of these. Even though it isn't very intrusive I still cannot wait to stop wearing it. Only 3 more weeks to go :laugh2:
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    Are you talking about like a 24-hr EKG type of thing?

    I used to have to wear one all the time when I was a kid b/c of a genetic heart condition I have, but never for more than a couple of days at a time. The thing used to be HUGE - roughly the size of one of those leather CD cases that holds 12-24 CDS.

    With technology now though I know that they are much smaller...maybe it's the same thing.
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    Yea, I mean no I've never had one. But my mother has. She has heart arrhythmia. It's just like it sounds. It's a walking monitor you wear for a while and it gives the Dr. a report.

    From that he/she can tell what's wrong with your heart.
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    Yeah its like a non-stop EKG and when you experience any symptoms you click record and it records your pre and post EKG to get an idea of what it may be. I am soooo glad that technology has progressed enough to make these things smaller than yours was :laugh2: But yeah I have to wear it all the time, although I can obviously take it off to shower and such.
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    Exactly. That is what my Dr. suspects I have (something electrical like an arrhythmia). Bad thing is I'm 23 and have had these events since I was 18 :(
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    Good luck. Hope everything works out.

    Good thing you aren't wearing one during football season. The doc might be wondering why your readings were off the charts on Sunday afternoons.:)
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    I had SVT when I was a teenager and wore them many times. I found out that I am seemingly the only person on the planet allergic to hypo-allergenic tape and I still have a scar on my left pectoral from wearing one for 30 days :laugh2:

    The upside is that it did identify the problem and I had it corrected with no problems since. They are also really fun to play around with and learn about in medical school. But man, they are a ***** to wear.
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    You aren't kidding! I would just take it off during the games and put it back on after :laugh2: Of course it's probably the blood pressure that gets affected more than anything else on sundays.

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