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    Yes, you can do this on yourfantasyteamsucks.com. At the end, all 3 winners of each league play each other for the SUPER SUPER BOWL. (so you might have overlapping players)

    QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's (no flex), TE, D, K
    PPR league

    QB Vick, Freeman
    RBs Bradshaw, J Best, S Greene, M Ingram, P Thomas
    WRs A Johnson, H Nicks, D Bowe, M Floyd, R Meachem
    TE T Gonzales, K Winslow, Z Miller
    K Rob Bironis
    D Ravens

    I usually draft RB's that catch pretty high but I had 6th pick and had to grab AJ with a league that starts 3 WR's. Then couldn't help but grab Vick in the second. I had Vick last year in 3 of my leagues last year and his services paid me well. Then grabbed Hakeem Nicks in the 3rd. Then A Bradshaw in the 4th and the D Bowe in the 5th.

    RBs are okay. Has boom or bust potential for PPR. I love my 3 starting WR's. TE's suck, but we will see.

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