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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. xwalker

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    Trade Down from 16 to 22, get extra 3rd
    Trade down in 2nd for extra 3rd
    Trade 4th and 5th for late 3rd

    1 (22): DT Aaron Donald
    (I realize that no Cowboys fan will believe that he available here, but I believe it's possible)
    On the field with Melton on nickel downs. Splits snaps with Melton on base downs.

    2: DE Marcus Smith
    Quick twitch, Weak Side DE. Decent height and long arms.

    3: OG Brandon Thomas
    Powerful, athletic college LT moves to OG.

    3: OG/OT Billy Turner
    Powerful, athletic college LT. Plays OG or RT. Needs some time to develop. Very aggressive player.

    3: WR Martavis Bryant
    Big 6-4, 211 and fast.

    7: DT Calvin Barnett
    Quick and strong. Could play 1 or 3.

    7: DE Aaron Lynch
    Terrific athlete and good player at ND, then transferred to South Florida. Mental makeup questions make him available this late. Upside is through the roof.

    7: DT Ken Bishop
    So dominant at the small school level that it's comical.

    7: LB Howard Jones
    Terrific athlete with decent size 6-3, 235.

    7: CB Phillip Gaines
    Fast with good height.

    7: FS Dontae Johnson
    Terrific athlete with decent size 6-2, 200.
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  2. Woods

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    I guess it's possible that Donald falls to 22, but I think it's a fairly low probability. Between the NYFG, Bears it could be very challenging.

    Also, how would you compare M Bryant to Moncief (sp?) at WR? I think they are both 3rd rounders (roughly speaking).
  3. visionary

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    I will take this draft right now as is
    only major concern for me after this would be FS

    been saying this for a long time, if donald (or jernigan) is there at 1, he wil be there at 22-25 range

    i would love a trade down if the option is there
  4. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    Donte Moncrief would be a very good pick in the 3rd also. I had in mind that he might be gone by the mid 3rd.
  5. fishspill

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    I really like what I've seen from Marcus Smith. Room to grow too.
  6. MonsterD

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    Marcus Smith confuses me, every thing I have read says he is definitely in the right type of guy for our defense but when I see him play, he seems to be pretty much no technique rusher. Also I see complaints about his strength and that he will need to get bigger, but I am most concerned about his lack of on the LOS and using hand/arm, moves, and mostly strength.
  7. jterrell

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    No way I'd trade a 4th and 5th in this draft for a late 3rd.. especially hot having a 6th already.

    No team is going to go 3 rounds without a pick in the best draft in a decade.

    I do like the thought of trading down a bit... and I am in manlove with Donald. --but no so much that I HAVE to have him at all costs. So I would trade down there.

    Think you've done a really good job of targeting players where we can get value for them.

    That draft would make us a lot better.

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