News: 32: I Hate: The Kyle Orton Saga

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 19, 2014.

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    I Hate: The Kyle Orton Saga
    By Michael Sisemore
    July 17, 2014 7:39 pm CDT

    Dallas, TX - If you’ve been living under a rock the last week then you probably missed it when the Dallas Cowboys cut their former “insurance policy” Kyle Orton.

    Orton signed with the Cowboys in 2012 and spent the last two seasons’ primarily on the bench, but was elevated to a starter in last year’s finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    I’m saying this for those who are on my side; who cares?! I certainly don’t, most folks want to talk about how well he played in the Finale but I think his play was spotty at best. He threw a few ducks in that game, not to mention the ones he threw toward the feet of his receivers.

    Kyle Orton has had a decent career but let’s pump the breaks on the “we need him” talk. The Cowboys don’t need Kyle Orton. Why would anyone want a guy on their team that would rather be retired? Orton has certainly won a few games as a starter but he isn’t exactly the greatest quarterback to ever become a backup.

    This entire offseason has been somewhat of “The Kyle Orton Show”, that in itself is just plain ridiculous. Nobody talked this much about a backup since Tim Tebow.

    Brandon Weeden has come into Dallas and has shown that he deserves the chance to become Tony Romo’s primary backup and now it has become official...
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  2. Bullflop

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    Dallas needs guys like Kyle Orton about as much as a hole in the head. Good riddance, I say.
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  3. Fredd

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    Perhaps Orton will care if he ever comes out of his drunken b' bye
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  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Orton needed to go but don't pretend that Weeden is a better QB. He needs a lot of work.
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  5. MarkP88

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    All Weeden has going for him is that he is a former first round pick, so you have to assume he's got natural talent to build on. My worry with him is that despite having seen a number of his games, I've never once gotten the feeling that he could develop into a good player. With other high round guys who started their careers slowly and/or on crappy teams, you at least get those moments or sequences that make you think, "man, if they could just get a team around this guy, he could be something." Think Troy's rookie year - 0-11, but some moments (against the Cards and Rams especially) that really showed his talent and will to win. Same with Elway back in the day, and even Eli early in his Giants career. Some nice moments within a bunch of stinkers.

    With Weeden, he's always looked utterly clueless to me. I don't think I've ever thought to myself, "wow, nice play!" while watching him. Now of course, I'm just some bozo watching at home on TV, and fully admit I don't have the ability to see subtleties that actual coaches and scouts would notice. But man, Weeden's always just looked awful to me. I hope he can develop into at least a solid backup here.
  6. xwalker

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    If Romo can't play, it would be better for the Cowboys to just tank and get a high draft pick which is where most top QBs are drafted. Weeden is cheap and saves a net of 2.75M as a replacement for Orton.
  7. MarkP88

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    Yup, agreed.
  8. ShiningStar

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    Sweet, wasting another players time. Sadly i dont think Dallas had a decent back up since Garrett. Oh well, thast what happens when you dont take the position serious.
  9. Hoofbite

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    Perfect summation of fandom.

    Love you while you are one of us; hate you at any other point.
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  10. bkight13

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    "I hate all this Orton talk" so I will right another article about it. It's called the off-season for a reason.
  11. jday

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    I think most of us would like to see the back-up spot fielded by Romo's eventual replacement...but when you can't afford to give up valuable draft picks for that type of luxury given the amount of holes they had (or have, we will soon find out) on their team, the next best thing is to get a veteran with starting experience. It's a model they have used for several year's now while Romo ran the show. But I really hope they start looking for the young replacement soon.
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  12. CCBoy

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    When a new Head Coach comes into an organization, the first thing that he does, is evaluate the quarterback for his team. If he feels that both the short termed and long termed needs of his own style of play are best served going another direction, that is what he does.

    This doesn't mean there isn't talent involved as the determination. Style, age and time to adjust can be a consideration as well.

    Weeden was both competitive and successful against the top levels of quarterback play he went against, in college.

    His short trial in the NFL, was with an offense that was greatly dysfunctional except for Gordon, and he was gone for much of the time.
  13. Arkyvarminter

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    IF our line is as good as they say, and with the weapons on offense we have, Weeden could look a lot better here than in Cleveland. I'm going to just wait and see before I judge........
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  14. theSHOW

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  15. ShiningStar

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    When or if you get a veteran with experience, he has to be able to lead the team when the starter goes down. While i like Orton i dont think he was what the Cowboys really needed, Eventually as a team lately, we just assume when Romo goes down, thats it, we dont seem to expect much else of our back up, if thats the rule of thumb, just bring in a kid. Like when we had oh who was the back up that wa a check down machine, i mean no one really believed he would lead the team to many wins, let alone one. Tho i think he got a few. In reality it seems a position that Dallas just seems to throw away and than really relies on the thinking that Romo wont go down and when you can be tthe farm now that hes older, hes going down at some point. Seems we just dont give it the proper thuoght or put the proper guy in place. Moore is not hte guy i was thinking, but he did well, there was anothe raround the time of Richie Bartel.
  16. jday

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    The truth of the matter is you can't have everything, 1. because of the limited cap and 2. because generally speaking the last several years the Cowboys have had holes in starting positions that they needed to address first before they could take out on insurance policy on Romo being injured. That is the nature of today's NFL. I don't think this is a case of them ignoring the beauty of said luxury but more or less because it is a luxury they have not been able to afford.

    If enough of the experiment's pan out well this year on the defensive side of the ball, then we may see them take that chance in next year draft. But, generally, starting quality rookies don't make it past the first round...hidden gem QB's are rare.
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  17. WPBCowboysFan

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    Yea, and if he gets a chance and does well, we'll get threads explaining how Romo is holding the team back or not the reason why they win the games they win. Jusl like with Kitna.

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  18. Alexander

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    Exactly. When the news first broke of Orton's disgruntlement, it was please don't leave Kyle, he's the best backup in the league, extra.
  19. Sasquatch

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    Remember TO with the Eagles? Then TO with Dallas? For me, that is the quintessential example of that which you speak.
  20. CyberB0b

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    With good reason, in this case.


    Thanks Jerry!

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