News: 32: I Hate: The NFL Media’s way of swaying public opinion

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    I Hate: The NFL Media’s way of swaying public opinion
    By Jeff Smith


    It seems to just be a constant thing in the NFL these days. The media is able to make anything they want seem any possible way that they want. If you want a prime example of it, then you’ll notice the media drama that is always, and I mean ALWAYS surrounding Johnny Manziel. To put this simply, I don’t care if you love Manziel, hate Manziel, or could care less about hearing anything else about Manziel. The media is going to find a way to cause drama in relation to Manziel and his personal life. Shoot, they’ll probably even continue to find a way to cause drama surrounding Manziel in his on-field antics as well.

    Manziel is just the most recent player who you’ll find that was hit by the media. Let me ask you, back on the Fourth of July, how many NFL players or professional athletes do you think were in Las Vegas, or in Miami, or anywhere else celebrating the Fourth of July by partying? I’d be willing to bet it’s a pretty large number, yet everyone seemed to immediately lock in on the fact that Manziel went to Vegas when he should have been doing other things relating to football. Do you think other rookies were sitting inside of their house, with the TV off, simply studying the playbook on July 4th? I don’t think so. In a worst case scenario, I’d bet that the bulk of them were with their families, grilling out, eating good food and simply putting in quality time.

    Dez Bryant is another prime example. Bryant gets heated on the sidelines, and it immediately turns into a story about how Bryant is likely mad because he’s not getting the ball, or anything else that would put a negative spin towards Bryant. Even after the game last year when Bryant left the game early (where the media absolutely had a right to get on Bryant), Jason Witten stepped up and simply said that when he and Bryant got into it, that it wasn’t a negative thing. Even with Witten saying that though, the media continued to push forward with their points that Bryant was too heated and too selfish, when in reality, it was just the opposite of that...
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    I probably hate the fact that the dumb stories get reported and all of the innuendo and speculation gets made about them while they miss out on the actual important and critical stories that forecast the future consequences.

    The swaying of public opinion is annoying, but there's not much you can do about the masses being dumb and foolish. OTOH, there are better and more critical stories out there that usually go uncovered and I would want to know about those stories as they are happening...not months after it happens.

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    Quality in depth analysis in most sports is in very short supply, almost dead really. It's as if the media has bought in to the notion that all sports fans, male sports fans in particular, are brain dead barbarians with clubs in our hands. Honestly, it's insulting to it's core. I can never understand why people want to defend this type of shock journalism with no substantive value whatsoever but there are plenty who do.
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    True sports writing as well as most any thing to do with journalism is dead, it's all about the shock value, TMZ ,rag paper reporting style. Doesn't matter if one is right, wrong, indifferent, off base, it's about get the hits on a website, selling the paper or magazine. Just make a name for yourself is what's it's about.

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