News: 32: Team by team: The likely win range for each NFL team in 2014

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    Team by team: The likely win range for each NFL team in 2014
    By cover32 Staff


    Dallas Cowboys – The bottom line with the Cowboys is they’re great on offense, awful on defense and have a coach and quarterback everyone in America likes to make fun of. Is Dallas going to be a bottom-tier NFL team? Of course not. But, are they going to win the NFC East? We’re not betting on it. The ceiling and basement for this team are both very clear. With the status quo as the expectation in Dallas this group will be just okay; on the verge of a playoff spot, but likely on the outside looking in come January.
    Projected win range: 7-9

    New York Giants - This Giants season feels like it’s going to head one of two directions. Like in recent years, when the team felt like it was on the verge of a blow up, New York could be capable of surprising some people with a playoff berth and a deep run. Or, the team could finally fall apart with a quickly fading Eli Manning and a stale message from Tom Coughlin ultimately leading to his firing. While it’s a fate the coach doesn’t deserve after a couple of Super Bowl wins, this feels like it’s it for the Giants.
    Projected win range: 5-7

    Philadelphia Eagles – Which Eagles team is going to show up in 2014? The one that started 3-5 under Chip Kelly and had some people questioning his ability to coach in the NFL? Or the team that finished uber confident, posting a 7-1 clip to finish the regular season? Our gut is the Nick Foles who put up gaudy statistics (27 TDs) while protecting the ball remarkably well (just two picks) is here to stay. Philly is the class of the NFC East, something they solidify even more with a big season and a playoff win or two.
    Projected win range: 10-12

    Washington Redskins – The favorite to win comeback player of the year is Robert Griffin III; he’s a cool 6-1 to take home the award at many Las Vegas sportsbooks. And, if he does snag the hardware, that’d bode awful well for how 2014 played out for the Redskins. When he stayed on the field in 2012, this team was exciting, electric and division champions. An injury-riddled 2013 showed how inept the team looked without him. Unfortunately we’re not sold on his ability to stay healthy, and it’s not like the Washington defense is capable of carrying the team either.
    Projected win range: 4-6
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    I like those projections for the Giants & Skins.

    7-9 wins for the Boys is fair at this point. If the Dee can somehow outperform and things go well overall for this team it could be a decent year.

    Philly 10-12 wins? Im not buying. Will Nick Foles only throw 2 INT's this year. Nick Foles comes back to earth this year and all of a sudden the venerated Chip Kelly doesnt looks so miraculous and brilliant and the worshippers start doubting.
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    I differ some on Nick Foles. I think he is a QB that fell through the cracks [I dont know what round he was drafted].
    He looked poised and collected throwing on the money. Decent receivers and they believe in the system I have heard.
    The Eagles have a good chance to win the division.

    I can see us going anywhere between 7-9 to 9-7. I could be wrong the "D" might come together. I think I was over confident
    on the "D" talent. I still believe in Rod,however. I can see us running the table on the Skins and Gaints. I could be wrong.
    This year for me is a development year . I can hear the teeth grinding. We might get wild card!
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    I see us being a 5-7 win team right along with the Giants. I see the Eagles winning 7-9 games, and same with the Skins. I think the Skins will win the division this year.
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    Odd execution of an interesting premise in that article. If I were writing an article on the "win range" of each team, I'd vary the size of the range per team. Instead of predicting the real ceiling and floor for each team, they just guessed the record then gave themselves +/- 1 game wiggle room. I think the cowboys (for one) are a team with a broader span of possible outcomes.
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    The Eagles should be slight, slight favorites to win the division. Nothing more.
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    Simply no way of knowing.
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    7-9 wins might be generous for this team.
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    Nick Fools Gold will have a huge sophomore slump . The Eagles should have sold high. His two int performance vs the Bears is what to expect on a regular basis.
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    It's hilarious to me how everyone is on the Eagles' bandwagon this year.

    Our defense was horrible last year and every team we played against moved the ball on us like we were a jr. high school team...............except them. We shut that vaunted high powered all-world offense down.

    They have a pretty good offensive line but I think ours is better. I think our offense is better overall when compared to what they've got.

    Defensively it's a different story but it's not like they have a great defense either. They haven't been able to stop the run for years and that won't change this year.

    Ultimately the Eagles could win the division but to suggest that they are NFC title contenders with the likes of Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans and maybe Green Bay, like some people have, is idiotic in my opinion.

    I dislike the Eagles.
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    Eagles clearly have the upper hand but it's all dependent upon Nick Foles and who knows if the guy was on a extremely hot streak or is just that good.
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    Eeking out a division title with an interception in the final minute of the final game of the season against a backup QB.

    The class of the NFC East.
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    I don't see it that way. I don't know why the Eagles "clearly have the upper hand". What am I missing here? What makes their roster clearly better than the others?
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