32 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Roger Staubach announced he was retiring.

    Here's a little footage of that announcement.

  2. wittenacious

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    I remember it well. He retired too young. Not to rock any boats, but I do wish Landry would've relented and allowed Staubach to call some of his own plays. Given that concession, Roger would have continued playing.

    Many statisticians will point to the success the Cowboys continued to enjoy, even after Roger retired, as proof of the working effect of Tom Landry's system and his controlling the play calling. Still, I can't help but believe Staubach would've brought us even more success, taking nothing away from the effort Danny White gave.

    Staubach respected Landry, though, whether he agreed w/ TL's hard and fast position about play calling or not, and retired with class.
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    I wasn't born until 86 but I remember when I was growing up, my grandpa would show me old footage of Roger Dodger and those Cowboys. Lots of fun to watch, must have been a sad day for you older folks that were around to see it.
  4. hutch1254

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    It was an awful day for me. Watching your hero walk away. I was devastated. That video is still hard to watch.
  5. jgboys1

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    My childhood hero right there. First time a retirement for a player hit me hard. I always thought he would play forever. Thank you Roger for great childhood memories.
  6. Cajuncowboy

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    I too remember that day and felt the same way at that time. He was a hero to a lot of us and I think we all felt a part of us was missing after that.
  7. wittenacious

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    I can admit it now, I did NOT handle it well at all. First, I cried like a little bitty baby, then had a hissy fit, I was so mad. Sad day, indeed.

    Here's a video of me in my late-teens (I didn't age well - must've been the cigarettes - imagine what I look like now!), right after seeing the press conference where Roger Staubach retired that fateful day:

  8. dougonthebench

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    I felt the same way as you. I was 12 when he retired and I agree it was much too soon. But concussions got the best of him.
  9. burmafrd

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    don't know where you got the idea that play calling had anything to do with it but it was all about the concussions. The fact you claim he retired too young shows how little you know

    THUMPER Papa

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    Meredith, Lilly, Staubach, Aikman they all hit me hard when they retired. I felt like all 4 could have and should have kept playing. Lilly was really the only one who physically couldn't perform like he had earlier in his career but he was my first Cowboy hero and I NEVER wanted him to retire.

    Meredith was only 31 when he left the game and had just had his best season (but his worst playoff game). I hated seeing him go as I never thought Morton was capable of winning for us and was awful in big games.

    Staubach was 38 but had only played 11 years and really only 8 full seasons but concussions were taking a toll on him and he didn't feel like he should play any longer. This was way before anyone knew about the long term effects of concussions on players. Fortunately, it never appeared to cause him any problems. He also retired at the top of his game, having just had his best season.

    Like Roger, concussions forced Aikman to retire before he needed to but could have played another 3-4 years easily. He wanted to continue but the opportunities to start were not available so he chose retirement rather than a backup role.

    I would add Harvey Martin to the list as well. Only 33 when he retired but he was slowing down in his final season. Still thought he could play though.
  11. wittenacious

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    Wow! Comin' right at me. That's your thing? Okay.

    I didn't make up what I said. I based it on fact. But here's a video that may convince you of more than I might say, even though I grew up watching Roger Staubach play for the Cowboys. If you can take a few minutes out of your life and learn something you obviously didn't know, watch the clip below and get a take on things from those that were there. From the series:

    Tom Landry - A Football Life Part 3 (Act V - "The System")

    Pay special attention to the segment where Roger Staubach talks about Landry's System [ 3:03 – 4:30 ] which includes a part of Roger's retirement speech, the same as is shown in the video in the OP, which reminded me of the story in the first place.

  12. JakeCamp12

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    I still remember sitting in front of a tv at my grandparents crying like a baby as he announced this...my hero walking away from the game.
  13. pugilist

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    still hard to watch..
  14. Warick

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    I remember that day, and my Mom and I cried along with him when he announced his retirement. Later that day, I got into a fight with a friend of mine, who laughed about it, saying he needed to retire anyway, that he sucked (he was a Steelers/Bradshaw fan). :mad:
  15. Eddie

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    Yep ... when outsiders tell us Cowboys suck ... they get a fist to the cheek.
  16. wittenacious

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    Besides the video I posted, a few posts back on Page 1, -- also in answer to your reply -- I found the old story below, which also speaks to the reasons that Roger gave concerning his decision to retire.

    "It was," [Roger] said, "based on several reasons." He said it was not just about the concussions, nor was it just about if Landry had told him he could call his own plays. So, to be fair, I didn't have his reasoning for retiring exactly right ... the play calling issue was only a part of it. I knew that Staubach had had concussions, but Roger says that wasn't the overriding reason for his decision to retire, either.

    When I said he retired "too young," a better choice of words would've been, "too early." I know he was 38 when he retired, but he'd only been with the Cowboys for 11 seasons. His highest passing total came in 1979, his last year in the league, when he threw for 3,586 yards and 27 touchdowns, so I felt he had more to give at the time. That was my opinion.

    From a prior thread post by WoodysGirl: http://cowboyszone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180835

    [​IMG] DMN Blog: Anniversary: Roger Staubach retires from Cowboys 30 years ago today
    Posted at 4:41 PM on Wed., Mar. 31, 2010 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    ************** sports http://www.**************/blogs/images/bio-icon.jpg Bio | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg E-mail | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg News tips

    Roger hangs 'em up

    March 31, 1980
    By CARLTON STOWER / The Dallas Morning News

    Editors' note: The following appeared in the final April 1, 1980 edition of The Dallas Morning News.

    • • •

    A portion of the article:

    [Roger Staubach:] "It was," he said, "based on several reasons."

    "I want to spend more time, more quality time, with my family. Then, there was a gut feeling that the time had come for me to retire. And the concussions (he suffered five last season alone) were somewhat of a factor, but not the overriding thing."

    "I've never concerned myself too much about injury. If that had been the only thing, I think I would still be playing."

    Neither, he said, would it have made any difference if Landry had told him he could call his own plays.

    "I was successful," he said, "because the system we had was successful. It was successful before I arrived, it was successful while I was here and it will continue to be successful long after I'm gone, chiefly because of the man on the sidelines (Landry)."

    Landry said he did not pressure his veteran quarterback to stay for another season.

    "He was as good last year as he was five years ago," Landry said. "I made him aware of how much we wanted him to play but, actually, I didn't try real hard to talk him out of his decision because of the respect I have for him."
  17. ConcordCowboy

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    Remember turning to my Sister and saying...Sis this is a Very Sad Day.

    And she knew I meant it.
  18. Captain Late

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    Roger's retirement was a sad day for all Cowboys Fans.For me,it was hard to face the fact that this great man was not going to be playing again.The 1979 season was his best,IMHO.Despite the 5 concussions he received that year,he was brilliant.He had 4th quarter comeback victories early in the year at St.Louis and at home against Chicago,and 2 absolute miracle comebacks at New York and in week 16 vs Washington.The win against the Giants was remarkable-he was coming off the devestating concussion in Pittsburgh and rallied the Cowboys to a 16-14 win with 10 points in the final 3 minutes.And of course,the greatest game he ever played was the 35-34 win over the Skins which showcased what He was all about as a QB and a leader.

    After I had time to accept the fact that Roger was retiring,I began to realize how truly fortunate I was to have witnessed this man play QB for the Dallas Cowboys.I grew up watching his heroics throughout the 1970's-all the great games,the 2 Super Bowl wins,the heartbreaking losses to the Steelers,the countless comeback victories.We had a funny tradition in my family,being Italian,we would always have a big Sunday Dinner,but with all those 4 PM Cowboys games running late my father would tell my mother to keep the sauce and macaroni warm because "Staubach has the ball and the game isn't over"Needless to say,Roger caused my Mom a lot of extra work!
    When he retired it was like I was leaving a huge part of my childhood behind

    Roger Staubach was more than a football player,he was(and is) a hero,a shining example of what leadership,hard work and decency are all about.When he retired that sad day 32 years ago,I knew a man like him doesn't pass this way again
  19. hutch1254

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    I was around the same age. I threw footballs through a tire hanging from a tree in our back yard the rest of the day. My arm nearly fell off by the time I was done.
  20. 1fisher

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    I remember watching that clip on an old black/white TV when I was 12 years old.

    I miss watching the Cowboys of the late 70's early 80's.

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