34 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 15, 2012.

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    It was the first year I really watched football. I was 11 and a pee wee hockey player. I believe that day my dad's team was playing Northern Vermont so I had to go with my parents to watch his team's game. By time got home, it was halftime but game was pretty much over. I have it on the greatest games DVD.
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    I was born four months to the day before that game. My father (he was a cowboys fan) must have had a joyous few months.
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    Only 34 years? And still not old enough to qualify for the "History" forum?
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    This was the first game I ever watched as a kid and the reason I became a Cowboys fan. My dad (a huge Giants fan) had bet more than usual on the SB that year. He told me "Root for the team with the star on the helmet". I did. Everyone was so happy when they won and I never looked back. Ironically, the fact that I root for the Cowboys and not the Giants has be a source of much tension over the years between me and my father. Randy White was my favorite player and his was the first jersey I ever owned. He was simply awesome.
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    Yes, it should be posted there so no one will look at it and reminisce. Good idea.
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    So what exactly IS the purpose of the History Forum?

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