3rd Wide Receiver?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by ajk23az, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. ajk23az

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    Who should I start as my 3rd WR this week?

    Bernard Berrian vs. Detroit

    Jerricho Cotchery vs. Buffalo

    Lee Evans vs. Jets

    Right now, I am leaning towards Evans because maybe Trent Edwards will actually get him the ball unlike Losman. But he does only have 29 yards receiving through 3 games. What are your guys opinions?
  2. Doomsday

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    Im not playing Evans again until he gets back on track he had 5 receptions for 29 yards so far this year. I would go with Berrian.
  3. ZeroClub

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    Well, that's a fairly tightly bunch group. Difficult to make a strong case for one over the others.

    Of the 3, Evans is the last one I'd start. I like Evans as a player and he's the best WR of the three, but his team hasn't been able to get him the ball. And now he's got a rookie QB. Given that he hasn't scored yet, I'd wait until he earns his way off of your bench before I'd play him.

    I'd go with Bernard Berrian vs. Detroit, but Berrian v. Cotchery is pretty much a coin-flip decision, IMO.
  4. tomson75

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    Lee Evans is the last of the three I'd start as well. I'd venture a guess that the Bills will be giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch all day (whom is getting his first start for my squad this week).

    Between Berrian and Cotchery...I think I'd lean towards Berrian. Dertroit is 31st in the NFL in pass defense so far this year thanks in no small part to the Eagles last week. The Bills, IIRC, are dead last in pass defense. This bodes well for Cotchery, but I think the Jets have a few more options on offense than the Bears (unless Greg Olsen starts to get more snaps). The wild card here is Griese. I have a hunch he's going to be moving the ball through the air...one of those "why the hell wasn't this guy starting the whole time" things.

    Short story...start Berrian IMO.
  5. Danny White

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    I'd go Berrian... that game could be a shootout.
  6. ajk23az

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    alright, berrian it is, thanks!

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