4/1/12 Mock (Trade Down with an additional pick-for-player trade)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheFinisher, Apr 1, 2012.

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    ****Trade pick #14 to TEN for picks #20 and #82****

    20. Stephon Gilmore | CB | South Carolina


    ****Trade Mike Jenkins to Buffalo for pick #41****

    41. Brandon Thompson | DT | Clemson


    45. Ronnell Lewis | OLB | Oklahoma


    81. Philip Blake | C | Baylor


    82. Casey Hayward | CB | Vanderbilt


    113. Cyrus Gray | RB | Texas A&M


    135. Ryan Broyles | WR | Oklahoma


    152. Emmanuel Acho | ILB | Texas


    186. Ron Brooks | CB | LSU


    222. Johnny Thomas | SS | Oklahoma St.



    -I think our struggles at CB last season really stopped Rob from being as aggressive as he wanted to be. Knowing that, I committed to a total facelift at the position replacing Mike Jenkins, Terence Newman, Alan Ball and Frank Walker with Brandon Carr, Stephon Gilmore, Casey Hayward and Ron Brooks. It gives Rob the talented backend that he's desired everywhere he's been.

    - Brandon Thompson seems to be slipping into the 2nd Round and I'd love for him to slide all the way to us because he's a stud. I see him as being the longterm solution at NT but with Rob running so many different fronts he can use a guy like Thompson who can play in both an odd and even front. I even think he's versatile enough to see snaps at 5T. However you want to use him he's a really good player and we need an infusion of youth and talent along the DL.

    - Gray is one of those "jack of all trades" runners that Garrett seems to covet. He can run inside or outside, catch the ball out of the backfield, and block. It's almost a given at this point in his career that Felix is guaranteed to miss time and Demarco isn't necessarily a pilar of health himself. Gray is someone that can step right in as the 2 back if either of them goes down while also giving us another option as a return man.
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    I'll be honest with you, I don't like any mock that has us trading Jenkins. First and foremost, he is not going anywhere. Not sure where or how the rumor got started he is even being shopped but that's not the case. Even if it were, Dallas would have a hard time shopping Jenkins given his surgery in the off season when his value is probably lower right now then it was this time last year. Secondly, with the CB class fairly deep this year we will not get the value out of him needed to replace him. A 2nd round pick and high one at that is very optimistic. Maybe week 6 if he plays healthy but player values are weakned during the draft and couple with what I just explained, a 3rd maybe 4th is the best we can expect and he offers more value to us then that.

    I have no problem with Gilmore being the pick at 14 but based on the premises we are trading Jenkins. With out the Jenkins trade I'm not sure it's the direction we would want to go at 14 if we were not able to trade down which I honestly don't believe will be an issue.

    I don't understand taking 4 DB's, 3 of which are Corners even if Jenkins was traded and find the probability highly unlikely.

    I like Thompson in the 2nd just as I would like Branch. I think either Clemson player would be a great addition. I'm a little partial to Branch, I think he's the most dynamic pass rusher in this draft no one is talking about but because of that I can see a team taking a flyer late in the 1st.

    Blake is a good bet in the 3rd, especially if we pass on Konz in the 1st. It's the way I'm leaning now and if we address the OL in the 1st 3 rounds I'm pretty certain a Center will be the way we go.

    I love Hayward, very under rated and would present great value at CB and as a returner.

    Broyles is one of my favorite picks in this entire draft and know Dallas would love to have him.
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    I LOVE that draft.

    Come away with two of my favourite guys, Thompson and Gray, in addition some of my other fav. players Hayward, Broyles and Gilmore. Awesome.
  4. tm1119

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    Going from Jenkins to Gilmore would be a big downgrade.
  5. TheFinisher

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    1st off, appreciate the detailed feedback.

    I get what you're saying and I was basing the trade more off of Jenkins' contract expiring at the end of the season, not due to worrying about his should. That being said Jenkins' injury must be worse than I anticipated if you're thinking he might only fetch us a 4th right now. The draft is still a month away so who knows, maybe he checks out medically and Dr's decide he is on schedule with his recovery. I think if a CB needy team like Buffalo knows he's going to be fine I don't think it's too crazy for them to part with a 2nd for a young proven CB, but that's obviously a hypothetical based on his medical.

    At the same time if the team is worried about his recovery I think it would be wise to draft a couple CBs for insurance anyway. I'd probably still draft Hayward and Brooks in those spots even if I didn't make the Jenkins trade.
  6. TheFinisher

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    Thanks. There's a ton of players I like in those middle rounds, that's why I really like the idea trading back to get some additional picks this year.
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    Let's assume that Jenkins isn't going anywhere right now - and I agree with you for all the reasons you mentioned in your post. (And one of the main reasons being we'll get poor value for him right now post surgery and going into the Draft.)

    I would think that we're not going CB in Round 1. I would guess it's either Barron, because he's the only Safety candidate who's worthy of a Round 1 pick, or a DL or LB or OC (Konz).

    Of the DL, I think it would be either Cox, Coples or Brockers in Round 1. My guess is that Cox and Coples will be gone by 14 latest.

    At OLB, it's either Ingram, Mercilus, or Perry. I don't see Upshaw being the best fit. And at ILB, I don't see us taking Kuchley (sp?).

    The other pick would be OL, and I think we're probably talking about OC with Konz.

    So, I think the short list is Barron, Konz, Brockers, Ingram, Mercilus or Perry - with Cox and Coples already gone by 14.

    And the very short list would be Barron, Konz, Brockers and Ingram as being who the Cowboys seem to have interest in via what we're all hearing.

    EDIT: As for Kirkpatrick, I think he's the wildcard in that whether the Cowboys believe he projects really well at FS. Clearly, Pool is the band-aid for this year.
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    Stupid mock. I dont understand how all you Big 12 guys are such morons?? You say 2 guys in first two rounds that everyone knows about then the next 6 picks are all guys from Texas, OU, Baylor, or Okie st. you guys are idiots you think bc we're in dallas that we arent scouting guys from other conferences? or god forbid guys from DII
  9. TheFinisher

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    Relax, it was purely coincidental. I don't really care too much about what conference a guy played in, it's more about the player himself, and those guys just so happened to be matches around our picks.

    And FWIW I'm a New Yorker, if I'm a homer to any conference it would be the Big East.
  10. CowboyHawg2012

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    I apologize, it was a bit harsh. Its just that I've seen quite a few mocks on here where rounds 2-7 look like the All Big 12 2nd team and honorable mentions list. sorry, didnt mean to attack you, no offense was meant..

  11. TheFinisher

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    No worries, none taken ;)
  12. Canadian BoyzFan

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    I stopped at trading Jenkins for a 2nd.
  13. JBell523

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    What I like: trading down

    What I don't like: Ronnell Lewis

    I want a guy who was a proven pass rusher in college.

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