4 Highest Scoring Teams in NFL History

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Right, I needed to normalize the defenses by games played.

    Oh, that's weird. The best offense (by points scored) to win the SB was 9th best overall, and the best defense to win the SB (by points allowed per game) was also 9th best overall. The '99 Rams are the offense, the '00 Ravens the defense.
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    Nice analysis -- very interesting findings.
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    And steroids. If they Cowboys won a Super Bowl while leading the league in PED suspensions the media would be howling.
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    The Ravens proved that even more last year.

    Their offense would never be confused with either Seattle or Denver's.
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    I think there is definitely something to that.

    There is generally also a lot more pressure on those teams.
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    Unless it's defensive ppg given up
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    What's more interesting is that none of the post-2000 teams listed scored many points in their last game, so it wasn't just a matter of not having a defense. The 2011 Patriots also didn't score much in their defeat.

    Record setting teams are usually more finesse oriented (allows them to score quickly), and it's just a different style of play in the playoffs. Players expect to get away with more and I think officials adjust to that. Plus, a lot of refs probably don't want to make a call that unfairly ends a team's season, so I could see them being risk averse on top of all that. There may be a similar number of calls (I've never looked it up), but I think the nature and severity of the fouls actually called are different. Have heard many players say the same thing.

    Before the playoffs started, I thought Carolina and SF were the teams best designed to take down Seattle. Didn't seem like anybody else had a chance, but it was hard to know how they would hold up in a neutral setting.
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    Maybe it tells us offense is only half the game.

    According to the stats with the highest correlation to wins (points per drive and pass rating), Seattle's defense ranked 1st and 1st, while their offense ranked 9th and 5th. No other team had a higher combined ranking in either category. Denver's offense was 1st and 1st, but their defense was 19th and 17th.

    Seattle was the most complete team in the NFL during the regular season, and more importantly, they played like it at playoff time.
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    Check the differentials (offense minus defense) for both those stats. They've got the highest correlations to wins.
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    yes sea & den were 1 & 2 in qb rating differential and once again like 10 out of the last 13 sb's the team that had the better def qb rating on the season won the sb. it really is amazing how much of a story that 1 stat can tell.

    love the sig stats btw, its pathetic really. but not as pathetic as the fans that deflect the blame away from the D and put it solely on the qb
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    Defense wins championships. And it's not just statistically for the season… it's who playing well, and optimistically coming into the tournament…..
    Even the greatest show on turf had to get a stop to win at the buzzer.
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    You should get a copyright on that!

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