40 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Next Year's Champions was no more. That was the label the Cowboys had been given. Next Year's Champions. It was not a label they enjoyed. It implied they were not good enough this year. From 1966 to 1970, they had not been. 1970 had ended with a last second loss to the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V in a game many called the "Blunder Bowl." The frustration of that game was punctuated by Bob Lilly throwing his helmet about 40 yards. It was brought back to him by a Colts rookie.

    Fast forward to this date in 1972, and the story changed. Doomsday was a force to be reckoned with as the Cowboys trounced the Dolphins 24-3 in he only Super Bowl where a tam failed to score a touchdown. The most amazing thing about that score could be the fact that the Dolphins rushing attack of Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, and Mercury Morris was the most feared Offense in the NFL and Doomsday put it under wraps.

    Once again Bob Lilly was the image most will remember. But this time it was him dropping Bob Griese for a 29 yard loss on a sack play as he stalked him until there was no more room to retreat. Or perhaps it was the image of his victory cigar in the locker room.

    The only image that might compete with either of those was a smiling Tom Landry being carried off the field on the shoulders of his players, triumphant.

    Either way, the nickname Next Year's Champions was no more. The Cowboys were World Champions and no one could take that away. Roger Staubach was named MVP, but it very easily could have been a repeat award for Chuck Howley, who in back to back Super Bowls was simply a dominant defensive force.

    The most perplexing memory of the day was perhaps that of Jim Brown and mercurial rookie Duane Thomas appearing for a Tom Brooksheir interview. Brown had become some sort of mentor for the talented youngster and appeared to be in control of his very thoughts and actions as he spoke and the victorious Thomas stood idly by. His only comment came after Brooksheir excitedly asked if he was really that fast, to which he replied, "Evidently."

    40 years ago. I still remember it. This was the day Roger Staubach became forever the sports figure I most admire. He is my ultimate hero. I doubt that ever changes.
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    First football game I ever watched. Bet my Dad and uncle that the Cowboys would win, they did not think the would because the Cowboys were known as the team that couldn't win the big one.
    Been a die hard Cowboy fan ever since. Hard to believe it is 40 years ago.
    Time marches on.
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    It was played in New Orleans, and -- believe it or not -- it was blacked-out here. So, I didn't get to watch it on TV like everyone else; I had to listen on the radio.
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    I never knew that. I have never heard of a Super Bowl being blacked out before.
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    The new math.

    Anti Cowboys rumors > Cowboys History
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    That was also the first football game I ever watched. We had a carnival come to town every SB Sunday that me and my brother looked forward to every year. My dad reluctantly took us the year before after the Cowboys had just lost SB V. He was so disappointed after that loss he didn't feel like going but seeing my mom didn't drive and he promised to take us he did. He looked like he had just lost his best friend just sulked the entire time we were at the carnival.

    The following year he told me and my brother the day before the SB that the only way he was taking us to the carnival is if the Cowboys beat Miami. The only reason I watched the game and pulled for the Cowboys was to be able to go to the carnival. When they won I was as excited as my dad and ended up getting hooked. I started following the Cowboys the next year and have been a fan ever since.

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    My all-time favorite sports moment! That win meant everything to me and I replay that game in my mind many times each year. Our greatest win IMO as it was our first championship and we finally put to rest all of the "next year's champions" crap.
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    I have this one on DVD too. I wanted to watch it this week.
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    Hostile, I love your history postings, but man, do they make me feel old. I remember watching that game and being so happy the Cowboys won considering what happened to them the year before. I was a lot more knowledgeable of football for that game than I was in SB V so I could understand the game and what it meant as much as a 9-year old boy could.

    I was a huge Cowboys fan then and that game just cemented it for me that forever and a day I would always be a Cowboys fan.
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    Watched The Fan Show on tv and they showed the 40 anniv. show at a theater in DFW area and interviewed Gil Brant,Bob Lily, and Walt Garrison.
    Man,Walt is looking good for his age.
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    Yeah, Walt does look good.

    Here is a photo of him in action back in the day. That's Ralph Neely #73.

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    Can we use those who flock to the invalid greater portion of that sum balance as a measure for bleaching the gene pool?

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